Monday, 24 February 2014

Hi Cool Cats,

When I was a little'un, I was dinosaur mad. I used to spend my summers partaking in fossil hunts on windy beaches, visiting the Isle of Wight dinosaur museum, and, if I was very lucky, the Natural History Museum. 

I may have grown older but I'm fiercely resisting growing up. When Rhiannon's Dinosaur Smock came up in my Instagram feed, I knew straight away that it had to be mine. My love for dinosaurs is second only to my love of smocks.

 Hairband - Crown and Glory; Dinosaur Smock - Vintage Style Me; Handbag - Vintage; 
Shoes - Topshop 

I absolutely adore this dress. I have lots of clothes that I think are gorgeous and I love to wear, but not so many that make me pretend I'm a t-rex and chase my dog around the garden. You can't put a price on that, can you?

I'm slowly amassing quite the collection of Vintage Style Me goodies, and I now have my eye on their Suzy Dress



  1. That dress is so cute!! Love it x

  2. I am forever lusting after the smocks on Vintage Style Me! This is too cute xx



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Mona x

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