Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Good morning Cool Cats!

Last month I received a little gift from MyOptique - a brand spanking new pair of prescription spectacles. After a lot of oohing and aahing over the London Retro collection, which boasts many of the prettiest pairs of glasses I've seen in a long time, I chose Dodger*, a big chunky frame, to add a little Jessica Day to my life. After a month of usage, I felt that the time had come to share them with you! 

I have an awful lot of love for these glasses, because (a) they help me see,  (b) I think they're pretty cool-looking, and (c) they are the lightest and comfiest frames I have ever owned, despite their size. I can also wear them all day without getting red marks on my nose, which is pretty unheard of for me given the width of my bridge.

The photos speak to the quality of the anti-reflective lenses, and after a month of constant use, and bearing in mind I'm not the kindest to my specs, the scratch-resistance has impressed me a lot! 

As usual with glasses, these have been tried on by a lot of people over the past month - even my dog's had a go wearing them, and yes, he looked very smart - and I've got to say I think they're pretty universally flattering... Even if the wearer happens to be pulling some pretty suspect faces.

I've always been quite bemused by a lot of my bespectacled pals' monogamous relationships with their glasses. We style-conscious types rarely settle for one hat, bag, or pair of shoes... Why should our specs be any different? 

I for one plan to add quite a few more pairs of London Retro glasses to my collection... I can already hear the Fitzrovias calling my name.

I remember when I was a little'un I was desperately self-conscious about my short-sightedness, but now I'm all grown up I love wearing glasses, it's just another excuse to accessorise I suppose. 

Do you wear glasses? What's your favourite pair of London Retro frames?


Despite my new specs being a PR Sample, opinions shared are totally honest and my own.

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  1. Those glasses are very cute. I was desperate to wear glasses when I was little to the point where I pretended I couldn't see for months. My mum sussed me out and told me I would have to wear contacts and all of a sudden my vision came back haha. OK, so now can you tell us where to find your perfect skin?


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