Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My beautiful cousin Louise tied the knot on Saturday. She was the most stunning bride...

It's actually a really sweet story. She met her husband on holiday in New Zealand, and they had a long-distance relationship for three years, when he asked her to move to Australia to be with him! She upped and left for a new life full of love and sunshine, and they came back to Scotland to get married.

Obviously this wasn't an occasion to pass up on, so my family packed into the car and made the (long) journey up to Pitlochry.

It was exciting for lots of reasons. My big brother needs little excuse to don a kilt, we were all excited for the ceilidh, and it was the first time that my cousins have all been together since my littlest brother (the baby of the whole family) was born!

We had a big cousin's breakfast in the hotel, and then after a big girly getting ready session, wandered down to the church, chattering our heads off and carrying our heels until it was time for photos, when our flatties were left to sunbathe...

After a beautiful ceremony, we all crowded around Lou in the church yard to offer our congratulations (and to sneak a better look at her dress and her beautiful orchids). 

We were given bubble wands instead of confetti... It took me right back to my childhood, blowing bubbles in the sunshine with my massive family!

I wore a flower crown and dress from Topshop, a Tiffany bracelet, a vintage handbag, and very old Urban Outfitters shoes.

I wasn't the only one dressed up to the nines... I lost my heart to this dapper Scotsman!

The reception was a total blast.

It began as quite a civilised affair, giggling with my cousins in the sunshine, and getting to know the latest addition to the clan (the Groom, James - you'll be pleased to hear we all thoroughly approve!)...

... Before we were invited to sit down for the speeches. Yes, we all laughed lots and a few tears were shed!

Our place settings included little boxes of chocolates (mine may or may have disappeared before the starter...)

After an amazing meal, we all kicked off our heels and tore up the dance floor to the fantastic band, Ceilidh Monogue. I love a good plan, and apparently so does Louise; she booked them on the name alone! Luckily though, the gamble paid off, they really got everybody moving! 

We only took two breaks from dancing. One for cake (of course!)...

... And one to get a snap of all the cousins!

Apparently a love for silly photos is deeply engrained in our shared DNA. That's one for the photo-album, I think!



  1. Aaw, everyone looked wonderful! I'm glad you had a fantastic day and massive congratulations to the bride and groom! xxx

  2. It looks like you had a great time! :) your family looks like loads of fun ^^

  3. I love this post! Everyone looked so good (the bubba is killing me!) glad your cousin had such a fab wedding xxx

  4. Lovely wedding, it's always brilliant when you get the family together. The orchids looked amazing and that final shot of you all jumping is great!
    Becs x

  5. The wedding looks beautiful! You looked so good, the dress suits you perfectly!

  6. I'm so glad to see a post from you! Family occasions are lovely and it looks like you have some great photos to remember this one by :) xx

  7. What a lovely day, I love the cousin photo!
    The Wedding looks beautiful and the Bride's dress is stunning. x

  8. Oh, everyone looks so handsome/gorgeous! You look AMAZING Mona and happiness just springs out of the photos :) and i have to say, i really like the bride's name ;)
    Lou xx

  9. It looks like a beautiful wedding! I have so many cousins, I can't remember the last time we were all together, if ever!



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