Friday, 12 April 2013


Hair's a funny one, isn't it? I definitely have an odd relationship with mine. Most times it's just there, on my head, and we just live and let live. Sometimes it seems that I will never find luck, love, or happiness again until I regrow the long, wavy tresses I possessed as a teenager...

And sometimes, I just get a bit bored, and do something a bit silly.

This is one of those times.

A few days ago, in Singapore, I was feeling a bit restless, so I paid a visit to my (slightly mad) hairdresser here in Singapore, who I've had a long-distance hair relationship with since the age of eight, when he gave me my first bob.

This is how it went down:

Hairdresser 1: What would you like?

Me: Surprise me. I don't really mind, but basically I'd really like it if you could make me look like a My Little Pony.

2 Hours Later

Me: It's... Well, it's not very My Little Pony at all, is it really?

Hairdresser 1: It's cool! You look K-Pop!

Hairdresser 2 (in Chinese, to Hairdresser 1): She looks like her hair is on fire.

Now I appreciate that giving free reign over my barnet to a man who wears a (terrible) mullet wig as a serious fashion statement was maybe a little too fast and loose, and that my brief was probably a little too vague. However, a copper dip-dye really isn't what I was going for. At all. I was hoping to look like Rainbow Dash, or at the very least Twilight Sparkle.

However, I know how I'd like to rectify the situation...

I would like a LILAC dip-dye. Preferably a DIY job, as I'm a little bit strapped for pennies. However, I have no idea how to go about doing this. So if you have any idea, be a doll and let me know, could you please? Alternative suggestions are always welcome. 

And it's only a dip-dye, so if it goes catastrophically badly, I can always chop it off. It'll only put me about six months back in Operation Perfect Hair.

Any hairror (see what I did there?) stories you'd like to share?



  1. I don't have any advice to offer but my god that post made me happy. I want to know your hairdresser. And I still think you look gorgeous.

  2. I actually really like it!


  3. I think it kind of suits you, actually :)

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  5. You may need to order it on-line but I have heard that this stuff isn't too bad and is reasonable in terms of the pennies! I had a dip dye done myself last week but can't actually tell for the most part. My hairdresser knew I was cautious and it barely shows as a result! Have a look on Pinterest as well - loads of amazing hair colours and dyes flying around that site!

    Becs x

  6. I have a hairror story! I had the same hairdresser from when i was 14 and when i turned 16 i asked if i could get a fringe cut and she put it off for 2 years as she said it'd look too mature for my face and when i finally cut it at 18 she started the finge back wayyyyyyy too far i looked like Coconut head (

    1. Sadly, your link didn't work, but nevertheless this made me giggle!

  7. do you ever find that when you've had the same hairdresser for years they just kinda ignore you and do their own thing with your hair? :| anyway yeah i've dyed and dip-dyed mine with directions a few times, just be careful 'cause it gets EVERYWHERE haha.
    jessca ☺

  8. I think it looks quite cool, love the fringe! I'm sure there are products out there to dip dye in lilac.. x

  9. I think it looks preddy Mona!xxx

  10. i think it actually looks good! :) i had lilac dip dye myself, i have the luck to have a hairdresser as mum haha i used the "lilac" from directions,i would recommend to bleach the part of your hair you want to have lilac because only then the colour gets really intense. otherwise i think "bleach" is a very good hairdresser to go to for colourful stuff :)xx

  11. I know only some people rock this look but you are definitely one of them it looks amazing x

  12. Haha oh man your stories are great. Um, honestly this looks really cool, but a funky color is a good idea, too. There's a girl in my class who has like, greenish blue ends and dark hair and it looks really goooood. Sorry, I have no advice on dip-dying, but I'm sure whatever you do will look cute!

  13. I have a hair-related problem: it's been short for 10 years (mainly because "pixie" cut sounds so adorable), now I'm trying to grow it out, but I can't stop twirling and knotting it. I can knot it up so well that it's impossible to undo and the only way out is to cut (more often, rip) the knot out. Not good for hair production.
    But unrelated to hair: I just discovered you, and you are awesome!
    Do you, by any chance, know Georgia, Angus and full-frontal snogging? Because, Mona, you are Georgia!

  14. hahaha... How he decided this was My Little Pony-ish is beyond me and hilarious. I think it looks cute though, and hope you got it the color you wanted!

    Just found you through Miriam from for your ability to make us readers laugh. And pound it girl. You did just that. :)


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