Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hi Kids!

I've run away on a little adventure for a couple of weeks... We've been in Singapore and are now in Australia... The beginning of the holiday has been pretty low-key.

Naturally, it started with a very public display of Kigu at Heathrow Airport (originally just for a lark, but as it turns out they are the best for long-haul flights - I never plan to set foot in a plane without one again).

And has since then consisted of high teas...

Water parks...

Family reunions...

Overdosing on tropical fruits and Vitamin D...

And playing silly beggars with our new waterproof camera.

I think my youngest brother should apply for Britain's Next Top Model, what say you?

It's been total bliss. Just what the doctor ordered.

However, we've decided that it's time to up the ante, and so tomorrow, we're going to start really exploring and going on proper adventures...

Anything I need to see/do/eat in Sydney?



  1. ahghrgdgfj so jealous! I can't believe you all went to the airport in your kigus. You are all far too cool for school. x

  2. Missed your posts Mona! Enjoy the sunshine, it is sooo cold back home!

    Becs x

  3. I just stumbled upon your beach picture on instagram and hell, it looks so hot and awesome over there! I wish I could flee the -5 degrees and amounts of snow here in Vienna, I'm so sick of it ^^

    Have you been in Sydney before? I haven't been there, but it's on my top5citiesIwannasee list :) Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

    Have a good one, Mona! :*

  4. Whooaaa, jealousy! Those are great pictures...I definitely agree that your brother should think of modelling as a career! ;)


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