Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I've always considered myself to have pretty healthy body image. True, I'd like it if my thighs were a little less chunky, and I'm aware of the fact that my behind jiggles a smidgen. I haven't weighed myself for years, I'm all about using how my clothes feel as a yardstick of whether I need to cut back on the cupcakes. I know that I'm by no means perfect, but I'm happy. I'm of the mindset that many, many things taste better than skinny feels. I've been in a love affair with food since I was old enough to hold a spoon, and it's lasted a lifetime. See?

Happily, my love affair with over-plucking my eyebrows was significantly more short-lived.

Sometimes, however, I'm shaken out of my weight complacency. I'm going on holiday soon, and so last week I found myself digging through my summer clothes and trying things on (preparing my packing list, BOOM for organisation).  I found my favourite pair of shorts from last summer, shimmied into them, and - shock, horror - the zip wouldn't fasten. It wouldn't even come close. Instantly I was on the phone to one of my most long-suffering friends.

M: Oh my God I've gotten so fat, my favourite favourite favourite shorts don't fit!

LSF: For God's sake, not another stupid diet? Mo, shut up. Your body is fine.

M: This isn't about my body. This is about the shorts. They're my absolute favourites. Don't you understand?!?! That's it, I'm giving up food until I fit back into them.

LSF: Riiiiiiiiight.

Three days of just porridge, fruit, and low-fat soups later, and I was climbing the walls. LSF came round to visit, and after rejecting some extremely bland chicken soup (dieting makes me a horrible hostess), LSF dragged me up to my room and found another pair of shorts that I'd been wearing last summer. At his insistance, I tried them on.

M: They FIT!

LSF: Yes.

M: Look! They really, really fit!

LSF: Yes.

M: But my diet hasn't started working yet...

LSF: Have you considered the possibility that you shrunk your favourite-favourite-favourite shorts in the wash?

M: Oh...

LSF: So this whole exercise, was, in fact, entirely pointless?

M: Oh... Shall I make some quadruple chocolate cookies?


*Image via We Heart It*

So sadly, I have had to say goodbye to my favourite favourite favourite shorts from last summer (but some extremely lucky skinny minnie will have an absolute treat waiting for them in an Oxfam). However, I have welcomed fun and delicious food back into my life. A worthy trade, I feel.

Plus, it's an excuse to buy some new shorts for my upcoming holiday. How do we feel about these?

Gratefully* yours,


*I am grateful that I can once again chow down on a good burger.


  1. Oh Mona, you do make me laugh. I have the same reactions as you 'oh im fine as i am' followed by 'omg why doesn't that fit me anymore!' followed by 'cooookieeees'


  2. hahah oh dear. I never weigh myself either but get the odd panic when I realise my jeans are a bit tighter than they were. I couldn't keep to a diet though, oh no! xx

  3. I try not to weigh myself but I can tell when my clothes start to get a little tight :( I can never get rid of food! haha xx

  4. I think most of us girls have been there, oh yeah! I'm like you, I use my clothes as a yardstick. I think i'd become obsessed with weighing myself everyday.
    I think you always look lovely in photos Mona and would describe you as petite! Better to carry a pound or two more but be able to enjoy those cookies and burger :) I think exercise is great for the body and soul, but i believe that's it about everything in moderation. Go you, you're fabulous!

  5. Ohhh how I wish I had just shrunk my shorts instead of gaining 7lbs haha! Damn.
    I digress, you are beautiful. Especially when scoffing a donut. Lovely post =) xx

  6. paha this made me chuckle! Pretty much sums up my relationship with dieting too, I'll definitely be attempting that cookie recipe later!
    P.s how cute are you in that baby photo!?!?!


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