Saturday, 19 January 2013

The best thing about having a dog is that I have no need for an alarm clock. Whenever anything worth getting out of bed for happens, you can bet your last buck that Baloo will wake me up. Although we've had to have a few serious chats, with me trying to explain to him that the postman delivering my credit card bills, or that pesky white cat sitting on the window sill again, do not qualify as a reason to rouse me from my slumber, he's usually on the ball.

I've been spending more time out of London recently, because my Granny isn't very well so I've been staying with her to help out. Yesterday, I was woken with more enthusiasm than usual. More licks, more nose-nudges, and even a few barks. 

Clearly, something serious was going on.

As soon as I opened the curtains, I immediately sussed out the source of Baloo's excitement.

Snow. But not the nasty, grey, thin, slippery snow that London infrequently bestows on us. This was real, sparkling, powdery blankets of snow, turning the sleepy Berkshire village where I can now call myself a part-time resident into a veritable winter wonderland.

Baloo was getting impatient, so after a quick breakfast (porridge for me, Chappie for him), I put on as many layers as is humanly possible without sacrificing use of my limbs, threw a onesie on top, wrapped up in a vintage parka*, and popped on my trusty All Saint's wellies. 

After a quick browse round the 3 shops in my village, it became apparent that none of them had a sledge. Clearly ridiculous, but lucky I'm a practical kinda gal, so I snuck back home and grabbed a big kitchen tray before galavanting off to the woods with the dog.

He bloody loves snow. I'll never really get over how funny I find the look of confusion on his face when chasing snowballs ("But where do they go?"), and he even had a go at sledging traying with me. I don't know how much he enjoyed that, to be honest, but I had a good time.

He also proved a willing model as I got a little snap happy with my LC-A+ (but you'll obviously have to wait for a while to see any results).

I'd been craving sunshine recently, but a healthy dose of frolicking with the dog soon set me straight. After all, making sun-people and sun-dogs = much harder than the snow-boyfriend I made (with a snow-bitch for Baloo).

When we were all snowed out, we ambled home, and had tea and crumpets in front of the fire, and finished the last of 2012's homemade bramble jam. 

To be honest, today was a bit of a copy and paste of yesterday, apart from I'd demolished all the crumpets in the house, so moved on to scones. I am officially snowed in for the foreseeable future, so I'm planning a mammoth blog reading-commenting session tomorrow, and will then be scouring the internet for new sources of entertainment. If you have anything of note, hit me up in the comments section.

Stay warm, find a person or animal to snuggle up with, and put on some Audrey Hepburn movies.

Have a happy weekend!


* Vintage = Stolen from my Granny's wardrobe, but I think it may be a keeper!


  1. Aww, glad you and Baloo had fun in the snow - and hope your Granny feels better soon!

  2. Baloo's so cute! Can't believe you stole a kitchen tray to be a sledge. Hahahaha!
    ashllyd x

  3. These photos are lovely, the snow makes everything look so magical. I really miss living in the countryside when it snows - trying to sledge along pavements just isn't the same... :)

  4. Beautiful! The dog and your area. Left me swooning.

    Happy snow day :) Xx

  5. Your photos are fab. I can't get over how excited Baloo looks in the snow, so cute!

  6. It really is a winter wonderland where you are! xx

  7. How I envy you lucky things with SNOW in your front garden. SNOW, I tell you, SNOW! Where's MY snow?? I feel like winter has failed me. Beautiful pictures, though. I can find it in my heart to be happy for you (:

  8. Baloo is so adorable! My dog's the same, always waking me up over silly things haha. I hope your nan gets better soon! xxx

  9. Now this is the kind of snow i love! gorgeous photos Mona! sums up "winter wonderland" amazingly well xx

  10. This post made me smile :)
    Though I am exceptionally jealous that you are snowed in. Where I am the snow is quite thick but not enough to keep me off school :(
    PS I agree with you completely that snow + dogs = endless source of amusement. My little dog (a crossbreed terrier) gets "snow trousers" when the snow is deep - basically, it forms balls all over her legs so she looks like she's wearing white trousers. We have to stand her in a basin of warm water to get them off XD

  11. Pretty pictures! Hahaha, your dog is so cute :D! My dog loooves snow as well, whenever it snows he just start rolling around in it.. haha ;)


  12. Baloo is adorable, my dog is the same. She loves the snow so much, like to eat it too lol. Lovely pictures :)

    Elle xx


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