Thursday, 3 January 2013

A belated Happy New Year to you all, Creatures.

How were your New Year's Celebrations? I welcomed in 2013 bopping away to 80s pop, dressed as the cookie monster. Classy. 

Anyway, New Year, new start, and I have vowed this January to blog more vigilantly, date fewer mad people, and wear more excellent hats. 

This one is totally ace. It's super warm and lovely and furry, and is excellent for  hiding my face when I'm experiencing one of those "stop eating so many burgers and not getting any exercise and drinking too much wine" facial protests (i.e. today). It's vintage and on a 'long term loan' - I pinched it - from my friend J, who has the most comprehensive hat collection you could wish for.

The shirt's another vintage piece - my Granny bought it in the 50s in Hong Kong. Somehow, it managed to find its way into my wardrobe, and I am certainly not complaining.

I got the bag for my birthday two years ago, and it's perfect for my "throw everything in" attitude towards my handbags - I will never do one of those "what's in my handbag" posts, I would probably die of shame when you discovered how many old receipts I have.

The skirt and boots were Christmas pressies. The skirt is universally flattering, comfy, and goes with pretty much everything. I do love me some box pleats. The boots are wonderful - I get really excited when I lace them up and go out the door, like they're going to take me on a little adventure.

Hat - Vintage; Shirt - Vintage; Bag - Urban Outfitters; Skirt - River Island; Boots - Russell & Bromley

What are your New Year's Resolutions, or plans for 2013? And more importantly... How was your NYE?

Wishing you lots of love, luck, health and happiness, all year long!



  1. You are excellent Mona. I look forward to new posts in January and you're frigging rocking that hat. I need to DM you at some point as I've got over my fear of internet people xxxx

  2. I love this outfit. That shirt is amazing and the hat is indeed excellent xx

  3. I love this outfit! That hat does look super warm.

  4. GOOD SHIRT, pattern and colours - so great!
    The hat looks so snug as well.


  5. Love the skirt and shirt combo!
    You make me laugh, I will also never do one of those whats in my handbag posts, I emptied mine out the other day after I got a new one for christmas and I had about 8 cheese string wrappers, countless receipts and who knows what else!

  6. I hear back in the day clothing from Hong Kong was the best quality one could find! It's a good thing that shirt found you! ;)

    Much love for the bag too!

  7. That shirt is DIVINE! So vintage and gorgeous! I'm going to Hong Kong at Easter time - maybe I'll find something just like it! Or maybe not...but a girl can dream, no? XD

  8. Lovely post:) Love your blog doll.
    Following you now hope you follow back:)

  9. Oh, ace outfit! The hat looks sooo comfy!
    My new years was spent running around through the streets with my bf and watching a Robbie Williams concert afterwards, lol. Couldn't drink any alcohol due to the antibiotics I had to take then, but it was as good as it was!


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