Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lord have mercy on my soul bank balance, you have got to stop doing this to me, Minkpink. These three beauties are giving me heart palpatations. But... You know... The good kind. 

I feel a sin of the shopping variety coming on. But I can't decide which one to go for...

... What do you think?

Chambray Dress
Magic Eyes Dress
Teenage Witch Dress

Please help me choose one! But only one, otherwise I won't be able to afford dog food and Baloo will get really, really cross with me...

I hope that your weekends were magical...



  1. Oooo that's a tricky one as they're all rather nice! I would have to say number 2 or number 3... possibly 2 though? As you could wear it as a dress OR a high waisted skirt if you wore a cropped knit on top x x

  2. They're all so gorgeous, but I'd probably say the first one because I adore the pattern xx


  3. Ohhh man! Too hard! I love love love the first one but it's very summery and tis sooo cold outside O_O. The last one would look amazing for nights out though....

    Haha now i am blaming you as i would like all these dresses too please >_< xxx

  4. i like the first one the best...though i am partial to a bit of velvet too...hmm!

    Laila x

  5. Ooh! They're pretty ... I'd say the first or second one. Can't choose between 'em!

  6. I'd say the second one, just because if you should ever tire of it, you can dye it! And y'know, it's lovely.


  7. The second one definitely :) x

  8. They're all gorgeous but I say the last one because it's name is the best! xxx

  9. What great dresses! Personally I would go for the first one, in fact I just might do that myself! Minkpink you say...?

    Jo x

  10. I like the first one the most. Something Swedish folklike is attached to that :)

  11. Hmmm well...I myself would go for the second one! You have dark hair and eyes so I think that one would be best for you too - although I think black would really suit you as well! However in my opinion it's a bit low cut...kind of like a nightie...XD



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