Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How's it hanging?

I'd like to say that this is what I'm wearing today... I'd be lying, though. I'm just not that organised. I took these pictures on Sunday in Holland Park, but I've only just gotten around to posting them. 

This T-Shirt has been giving me lots of food for thought, I have tried it on with almost everything in my wardrobe and am yet to find anything else that I can wear it with! It was a gift from The Boy (we do gifts now! Look at me being almost functional in a sort-of-relationship-type-thing! Yeah!) from his recent trip to Japan. I'm very spoiled.  

Hat - Hand-made(!); Jacket - Topshop;  T-Shirt - Comme Des Garcons PLAY; Handbag - Vida Vida; Skirt - Pins and Needles via Urban Outfitters; Shoes - Ecote

Sorry I look so... Spazzy, in the right hand photo. Best of a bad bunch. Yeah, I know...

I'm happy to tell you that this jacket was a BITCHIN' investment, I think I've worn it every day since it was purchased... Debunking the common myth that all style bloggers have infinite, Narnia-like wardrobes! 

I'm probably a little bit too much in lesbians love with my new handbag from Vita Vita, given that I'm so much in love with it, I'm considering doing a post solely dedicated to how amazeballs it is. If you truly think that this is the worst idea ever, hit me with some tough love in the comments section, along with suggestions of what else I can wear the T with. 

That's all for today, folks!

Over and out.


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Monday, 25 June 2012

Hello Creatures,

On Saturday I was lucky enough to go to LoBlography, a little event thrown together by Heidi at Lomography in their London Newburgh Street store. Having been emailed the list of attendees by Heidi, I was, to be honest, a little terrified about attending! Because, let's be honest, there's nothing as deeply uncool as displaying to the Big Kids of blogging that you are, in fact, just a massive fan-girl. 

However, after a rather decadent night at Ronnie Scotts on Friday (their espresso martinis quite literally blew my mind), and an emergency recovery eggs benedict at Charlie's in Portobello, I had been convinced that being a no-show would be embarrassingly lame, and so I tottered off to Soho. And I am so glad that I did!

Heidi had put together a lovely little event with just short of twenty bloggers, where we were given talks by Kat from Gizmodo UK, Sian from Domestic Sluttery, and Dan from Rock My Wedding. We were also given LC-A+s to try out, and indulged in some cupcakes and Bucks Fizz, making for quite the perfect Saturday afternoon! 

Me with an LC-A+ - Photo stolen from Lomography UK's Facebook page

I was delighted to meet Jazzy from Hivenn, Lily from Red Brick Lipstick, Rececca from It's Cohen, Dina from She Loves Mixtapes, Emily from Under A Glass Sky, and many more wizards of the Blogosphere... And did I embarrass myself with my fan-girlishness? I'm embarrassed to say that yes, I probably did. So if any of you are reading this, I am deeply, deeply sorry for that. I promise I'll pretend to be cooler next time! 

Outside the Lomo Store with Lily and Dina

All in all, a wonderful afternoon was had by all! Lomography is a very cool little company, with a dedication to film photography and fun, and they're super blogger-friendly, so I'd really recommend getting in touch with Heidi to say "hi". My photos will be ready to collect next Monday, so I'll post them (if any of them come out! Keep your fingers crossed please) then, as well as my photos from the Sardinia St. Tropez that I borrowed to review... Lots of Lomo related posts coming up in the near future, in short!

Thank you so much to Heidi and the whole Lomography team! Please invite me back to your next event, I had such a lovely time!



Sunday, 24 June 2012

Today I picked the winner of my Jo Malone Congratulations to Emma of Em's Mixed Bag! Please DM or email me your address so that I can pop your perfume in the post!

Thank you to the beautiful Freddie for picking for me!

Thank you so much to everyone for entering! I'll try to organise another little something for you all soon. 

I hope that you all had magical weekends!



Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Granny-Child strikes back! I'm sorry that my posts have been so few and far between, I've relocated to London for the summer, and it's been a bit mad trying to fit everything in... I've got to dash to work in a bit, so today is just a quick outfit post, but tomorrow is my day off, so you can expect a really long post, telling you all about everything.

Today my fringe was behaving monstrously (the fringe and I are most definitely not pals at the moment), so I went for some classic misdirection and popped my Crown and Glory bandeau onto my head...

Also, I actually put on lipstick today! The shade is "A Perfect Day" by MAC. Talk about personal growth!
I paired it with a very old Kimchi Blue dress, my favourite frilly socks, and my trusty Russell and Bromley loafers. The builders outside my flat told me that I look "like a mental person". I suppose that they were bound to find out sooner or later though, hey? 

Bandeau - Crown and Glory; Dress - Kimchi Blue; Bag - Olive Archer; Frilly Ankle Socks - ASOS;
Loafers - Russell and Bromley
Ankle socks seem to be an extremely successful man-repellant; they can take the shortest dress in the World, and totally de-sex it. Which is, in my humble opinion, perfect. And that is how I justify owning six pairs. 

Anyway; the oven is beeping, the brownies are done, time to take them into the pub where I work... Yes, you heard it here first! People are now buying my cakes! I get paid to bake! 

I think it's going to be a grande olde summer!


P.S. Have you entered my Jo Malone Giveaway? If not, why not? Please do!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Hello Creatures,

Well, the title says it all, basically. I think that you're all bloody wonderful for reading my inane witterings, and leaving me sweet comments, and I want to show my thanks by giving you the chance to win something lovely. I wish I could send you all presents, but alas, working behind a bar just doesn't make that kind of money! 

I chose a Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne, because I think it smells divine, which seems to be universal opinion, whereas a lot of the other Jo Malone scents are more down to your personal choice, if you know what I mean... It's a 30ml bottle, which is actually the size I always buy, because they're small enough to pop in your handbag, and they're allowed on planes. Also, because a full-sized one was just too expensive, greedy-pants. 

I'm affixing a few rules of entry, because that's just how I roll...

For your entry, please leave me a comment below, with an email address or twitter handle in case you win. If you're under 18, please ask your parents before entering, as you'll have to give me your home address to receive the prize. You must be a follower via GFC, please! Unfortunately, my first giveaway is UK entry only (I'm so sorry to any international followers... I'll save up so that next time I can afford international postage!)

If you'd like an extra entry, you can follow me on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway (please include my URL and let me know @monablogs, so I can count you twice!) 

Oh go on then, you can have a third. Follow me on Pinterest, and pin the image above (and once again, be sure to let me know!). 

I'll pick a name out of a hat at random next Friday (22nd June), and announce the winner then.

Good luck! And have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Please say thank you to my Ma in your comment too, as she picked the prize up for me in Duty Free!


Friday, 8 June 2012

Hey Cool Cats,

I keep being very, very naughty at the moment, and spending money when I should be squirrelling my funds away for winter. However, I think that my most recent purchases are totally justifiable, because they're great quality, crackingly versatile and make me feel really happy. Which is what retail therapy's all about, right?

Beanie - £8 - ASOS; Utility Jacket - £48 - Topshop; Hoody - Gap; Necklace - Gift; Dress - £20 - Topshop; Shoes - Kurt Geiger
The jacket is perfect - a little bit grunge, hardy enough to keep me dry in the rain, and so versatile. I've been umming and ahhing over several different options for a while, but the Topshop version finally won me over. Since I bought it, I've literally been wearing it over every outfit. It looks great with basics, such as skinny jeans and breton stripes, but thrown over a girly dress and heels, it creates a really charming juxtaposition. Also, it has the best pockets ever. To the extent that I don't actually need a bag. Without it looking bulky... The dream. So I'm really sorry, but this jacket will be appearing in every single outfit post for quite a while. Because I'm in love with it. 

Seriously. I'm so chuffed with this jacket, I don't even mind that it's raining, and blowing a hooley outside. I'll probably be disappointed when the sun starts shining again, because I'll have to take it off. 

I'm in London for a few days, and am hanging out with the trendy lot tonight in Brick Lane. I'm off to rummage through my bags to see if I have any hipster camouflage -  anything to avoid all the cool kids turning around, staring at me, and yelling "YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE!"

Enjoy the weekend, kittens, whatever you're up to. Let me know if you have any exciting plans!



Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Weird confession: I hate buying my own hoodies. 

I think that this habit has stemmed from my five years at an all-girls' boarding school, where the ultimate 'it' item, sartorially speaking, was a hoody with the logo of a boys' school on. Wearing one of those said, "Yeah, I've got a male acquaintance who attends St. Peter's Royal Academy for Trustafarians*." Or, more simply, "I KNOW AND ACTUALLY SOCIALISE WITH AT LEAST ONE BOY." This may sound seriously lame, but living with 300 girls and not a whiff of testosterone, an hour away from a city, boys were about as elusive as unicorns (in fact, I spent quite a lot of time searching for unicorns in the woods; I was never quite so hopeful as to bother to look for a boy there). 

There was only one thing cooler to wear than a boys' school hoody, which was a school rugby shirt with an actual boy's name on the back. Because that said, "Yeah, I've got a male acquaintance who attends SPRAT, and he's a rugby player which means he's seriously cool, AND he likes me enough to give me his rugby shirt, despite the fact that they're custom ordered and his coach will probably kick his ass for giving it away." 

It worked the same way for boys' schools, too, apparently. You'd see many a young toff wondering down the Kings Road on their weekends out, bearing hoodies emblazoned with the emblem "Pudding Norton House for Trainee Tennis Wives**", or PNHTTW for short, strutting their stuff and looking so desperately chuffed with themselves for having acquired such a trophy. Amazing, really, isn't it, the value which we used to place on what was essentially a smelly, stained piece of P.E. kit. Oh, single-sex education. 

(In hindsight, I should add, I'm pretty sure most people just nicked them off their siblings. I sure as hell did. Because sure as hell no-one was going to give brace-face Mo their hoody, voluntarily. Criiiiinge.)

SCCWID hoodies were the other main contender for fashionable attire at boarding school - however, they were for a good cause, so that seems slightly less cringe-worthy and ridiculous.

Recently, however, I found myself without a hoody (they have a way of wandering off), and sometimes you just need hoody days. Sadly, I couldn't actually steal one off the boy (he's super-trendy and doesn't actually own one - plus he spends even more money on his clothes than me, so I always feel a bit nervous when I'm wearing something of his. Because I spill drinks on myself. A lot), and also I think at the grand old age of 22, I'd feel a bit ridiculous wearing a "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" statement piece. That ship has most definitely sailed (maybe). 

Fortunately, I managed to pick up this beaut in a Gap outlet a few weeks ago. Last night was quite debaucherous - all of these street parties and festivities are in danger of turning me into quite the Royalist, you know - and so today is most definitely a hoody day - a day to read, bake, and basically just slob around and be comfortable.

And it's an extra-large, so maybe I can trick my friends into thinking that it actually belongs to a boy!

Anyway, that was a massive tangent; here's what I wore today.

Hoody - Gap; Necklaces - Gifts; Top - The Kooples; Chords - H&M; Boots - Vintage
Also, I picked up this gorilla top at The Kooples pre-season sale last weekend, and it makes me LAUGH. I like to pull gorilla faces when wearing it (see above).

Did this hoody thing make any sense to any of you? Or are you just a little more certain than before that I'm clinically insane?


*   Sadly, this is not the name of an actual school, but you get the idea.
** Ditto. 


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hi Y'all!

Sorry I've been so absent yet again. I'm back with you now, though. The last few weeks have been quite busy, but my time is more my own again now, which means lots of blogging!

I've come up to North Yorkshire for the weekend - you may remember that I posted about Helmsley once before, here - well I'm back, for another weekend of good food, fresh air and catching up with friends.

I spent this morning by a nearby lake with middle brother, who took a few snaps. My outfit's ultra casual, but I thought you may like a peek...

[Spoilers: I'm wearing a new shirt. Most people are on the fence as to whether it's very, very lovely (I'm in that camp), or if it's the ugliest effing shirt they've ever seen. Yes, I've recently watched Mean Girls. Also, they're quite silly pictures. As in, sillier than usual.]

Leather Jacket - Zara; Shirt - BDG; Jeans - TopshopPlimsoles - Converse
There is lots to catch you up on. There is progression with the boy. My wardrobe is bursting with new clothes - there are plenty more ugly/nice shirts where that bad boy came from. I went to an iFabbo conference in London and was given some treats to review. And there are some new cake recipes to share with you. 

So look forward to hearing lots, lots more from me (I promise, this time). 

But not tonight. Tonight, I have sparkley crop tops to be donning - I'm having a 90s moment - and drinks to be drinking with some old friends. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy the Bank Holiday. Enjoy it lots. Four day weekends don't come around that often, so put your dancing shoes on, tie the nearest Union Jack round your shoulders, attach a tiara to your barnet, and enjoy seventy two more hours of street parties in what will apparently be back to the cold, rainy UK. Because it really wouldn't have felt very British, had the sun been shining. 

Any exciting plans for the long weekend?

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