Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hi Cool Cats,

So remember how a while ago I mentioned that my Ma and I trawled through Beyond Retro looking for Ugly Christmas Jumpers? And that we wanted to get a cheesy family photo in them? Well this weekend, the whole pack of us descended on North Yorkshire (I've posted about the place we stay in before, here)  for a weekend of country walks in the snow, Christmas shopping, and watching Middle Brother playing rugby. 

All three brothers were horrified when they saw the jumpers. But that's okay. That was expected. It would have been much more worrying if they'd actually liked them.

Anyway a few of you said that you'd like to see the picture, so here it is...

All Jumpers - Beyond Retro
This is the one my Ma likes, anyway. I think that she wants to frame it. To be fair, it's quite unusual for her to get a picture where we're all smiling. You see, my brothers and I are all photo-ruiners. We can't help but to pull a bit of a weird face, if we see a lens pointing our way. Sometimes, there is perfect serendipity and we all ruin the same photo. And it is glorious.

Which is why we all think that this is the best Christmas photo.

We really want to send this one out to everyone, but my Ma thinks it's taking the joke a bit too far, and we'll all get sectioned. 

Baloo hates both the pictures, because he's dressed as Rudolph and he just didn't find the outfit becoming. He's more of a traditional dressing dog, if you know what I mean...

A weekend of snow frolicking more than compensated for ten minutes in a Rudolph suit, though. 

Family time is great. I'm feeling very fat and happy, and my tummy muscles hurt a little from laughing so much all weekend.

Anyway, time for a huge lunch and a little snooze, I think.

Hope you're having an amazing weekend!



  1. Absolutely love those photos (especially the second one, naturally). Xx

  2. Haha that photo is amazing!I loveall your christmas jumpers. xx

  3. amazingness, you all look great. xxx

  4. Haha that second photo is excellent! I'd love to get that on a Christmas card x

  5. I wish your family would adopt me! :L
    And I'm very sorry for your dog. If you try and get either of us anywhere near an item of clothing they shriek "IN THIS SITUATION I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR INJURIES!" and then all hell breaks loose...

  6. Mona this is brilliant! LOVE that on the same weekend you took your festive photos it snowed too. I 'for reals' like the penguin jumper - as in would pay money on the high street to standard-ly wear it a couple times a week throughout winter! ;)

    Lovely to see you again at the blogger do. Let me know if you're free for a drink before I bugger off mid Jan! x

  7. LOVE this! Your family are awesome! Xx

  8. Waa, Mona your family looks adorable :D Can't believe you have snow and we don't (hellooo mountains of Austria, please remember our tourism relies on snow, gadammit!). Do you also hang up stockings for Christmas day or is that a tradition you also only see in Christmas movies?
    Happy that you're well, fat and happy :)

  9. I love brothers! I have four of them. Yours are cute in their sweaters ... do they realize those aren't as bad as they could've been? :D

  10. Hey Mona! It was so great meeting you! Had so much fun listening to your awesome stories!! Those chistmas jumpers are EPIC!!! :-)

  11. The second photo is amazing ahaha! X


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