Wednesday, 26 December 2012

As we all know, Christmas is about family, about food, about the birth of Baby Jesus... But the presents are, obviously, a major perk, and oh me, oh my, once again I have been very spoiled by the Three Fs: Family, Friends, and Father Christmas...

Here they are, in all their glory... (And pssst, if you have major envy, lots of them are now in the sale...)

1. Glamouriser Professional Digital Ultralight Power Hairdryer - because I now (hopefully) have enough hair to actually use me one of these!

2. Racoon Onesie from Topshop.  Because sometimes I need to wash my Kigu and I'll be damned if I'm going to wear actual clothes while it's drying...

3. Lomography LC-A+ Silverlake - I totally fell in love with the LC-A+ when I got to try one out at Loblography in June. My lovely Ma, remembering this, picked up this little beauty for me.

4. X-Vibe Speaker - this is seriously cool. It's a teeny tiny device that you plug in to your phone/iPod, stick onto your window/fridge/table/whatever, and it turns the whole thing into a speaker. Wooow.

5. Lomography Films - so that I can actually take pictures with my pretty camera, instead of just pretending.

6. Russell and Bromley Berkley Lace-Up Ankle Boots - I get a pair of R and B's every Christmas. Which is useful, as I've almost certainly worn the previous year's offering so much by that stage that they're held together with hope and hairspray.

7. ASOS Fur Ears Headband - it's amazing and hilarious and keeps my (actual) ears warm.

8. Lucky Charms - for the sugar-rush.

9. Fluff - ditto.

10. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch - I have wanted one of these for so, so long, and (seemingly like everyone else on the blogosphere!) have finally gotten my mitts on one. It's huge though, I need to pop into a jewellers and get it resized before I can actually wear it.

11. Lazy Oaf Batman Leotard - Big Brother: "Never, never wear this outside the house." Me: "I'm going to wear it always."

12. Joseph Texture Knit Roll Neck Sweater - It has tassels. And a huge lovely roll neck. And it's made out of alpaca. I'm going to marry it when I grow up.

13. Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne - to add to my ever-growing collection. A gift from Middle Brother. No one was sure if I was more flabbergasted or delighted.

14. River Island Skirt - absurdly flattering if there are any of my small waist/sizable arse sisters out there!

15. Clinique Anti-Blemish Foaming Cleanser - one of those practical stocking fillers, because I'd run out. I use the three-step solution and I'm pretty sold on it.

16. Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir - the most beautiful nail varnish I've ever owned. I will show you just as soon as I get my Shellac off.

17. Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara - I was converted onto this in the Summer. It is so, so great. Hands down the best Mascara I have ever used. Seriously. It's like crack for your eyelashes. 

I know, I know. I am spoiled rotten. I'll be slowly slowly posting about most of the bits in more detail, but if, in the meantime, you see a girl dressed as Batman but wearing wolf ears, running around taking very bad pictures on a very cool camera, come and say hi!

What was your favourite present this year?



  1. I really like the presents especially Lomography stuff. I still need to start using my Diana F+, but I find it rather difficult. Hope you had an amazing Christmas :)x

  2. wowza you got an LCA!! very nice indeed ! xx

  3. Those boots are so cool! My favourite present has to be either my big bang theory box set or new ghds! Hope you had a lovely christmas xx

  4. Amazing presents, especially the Lucky Charms! Love them :) I have wanted one of those watches for ages too, lucky you xx

  5. Oooh la la, someone struck gold! My favourite present was an instant camera, though my boyfriend forgot to buy film so i havent been able to use it yet lol xx

  6. Oh, lucky you! So many pretty things! If I could pick one thing, it'd be the Lomo camera, uuugh. I'm constantly in lack of a camera, it makes me go craaazy...
    And hey!
    If you ever divorce the Joseph neck sweater, tell him he can come and visit me ;)

  7. The ankle boots! They're divine!x

  8. Seems like someone (you) was a super good girl in 2012 judging by all the presents! The tradition of R&B footwear is such a good idea! I also have that Jo Malone fragrance (tip it goes really well with Jo Malone wild blueberry!)- it's gorgeous : ) If you weren't so damn lovely, i'd be "well jel" of all your pressies! Happy new year ! xxx

  9. It's a shame the jumper you bought your little brother didn't fit (or wasn't to his liking), apparently you exchanged it this morning. Too bad I didn't start 'til 2, would've liked to know how your Christmas was =). Hope you're well and happy new year! x



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