Thursday, 13 December 2012

One of my best friends is a girl called C. We met as awkward 11 year olds at boarding school and immediately stuck to each other like glue. On weeknights, you'd most likely have found us hiding in my dormitory, gorging on cups of tea, chocolate fudge cakes and Oreos that had been sent to us in the post. Most weekends, my Ma would take us out, either camping, or on jaunts to London for shopping and Chinese food. Every Summer, I'd fly out to visit her in Seville and Soto Grande. 

Twelve years later and C is a stylish, intelligent, poised young woman who always makes me look like a hobo by comparison. She has, however, retained both her wicked sense of humour which drew me to her in the first place, and her love of Oreos.

Inspired by The Londoner's Double Stuffed Oreo Cake, for C's birthday a few days ago, I whipped up this little thing just in time for her surprise party...

Oreo Mascarpone Icing, sandwiched between two chocolate fudge cakes. And decorated like an Oreo, because you go the extra mile with writing icing for friends, don't you? I thought it was the perfect nod to our childhoods!

It was really easy, too. In fact, the cake bit is so easy, the recipe is one that I dubbed Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake. You can find the recipe here.

In addition to that recipe, you will need:
150g unsalted butter (at room temperature)
50g mascarpone
400g icing sugar
1 bag of Oreos, smashed (but save one whole for later!)
1 lemon (at room temperature - it makes juicing much easier)
1 tube of chocolate writing icing

You guessed it. Cream the butter and mascarpone, and then stir in the icing sugar, all of the juice from the lemon, and the milk. You're aiming to get the texture a bit runnier than normal icing, as you're then going to add your smashed up Oreos, and you don't want it too thick to spread on the cake.

Separately ice your two layers of Easy Peasy Chocolate Life, and if you have one use a palette knife to make sure that the icing is really, really smooth, so that it's a perfect canvas for your writing icing artwork. 

Put your base cake on your serving dish, smother it with all of the Oreo Mascarpone Icing, pop the second cake on top, and now the fun begins...

See your teeny, tiny Oreo? Look real close, and try to copy the pattern with the writing icing.

You should be left with something that looks like this.

Now eat your spare Oreo as a reward for good behaviour.

This cake is delicious, quite impressive to those who aren't really bakers (I received two proposals of marriage at the party!), and surprisingly easy. 

And what about C, you may ask? Well, as afore mentioned, she's grown into a stylish, intelligent, poised young woman...

But she's still not above literally sticking her face into a freshly baked Oreo Cake.

And that is why I love her.



  1. omg that looks so yummy!
    and i want your friend c's hair! haha

  2. That cake looks bloody amazing!!!

  3. It looks so yummy! Making me a bit hungry there, Mona ;)

    Pip x

  4. Wow very impressive! That is a brilliant idea! :D

  5. This is an awesome cake and i bet it tasted absolutely awesome! Definitely doing that for the next birthday that comes along (which may actually be mine, ha! xxx

  6. This cake looks so tasty :)



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