Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lately, Kittens, I've been dreaming of running away to live in a cabin for a little while. I have a completely ridiculous and romanticised idea about it being just me and my dog, with my iPod and a typewriter for a little while. Fresh air, country walks, that sort of thing. 

My friends think I'm mad. They remind me that my dream retreat sounds a lot like the beginning of a horror movie. Apart from one friend, that is.

He introduced me to Cabin Porn, a wonderful little Tumblr full of inspiration for my future hideaway (one day I will have one of my own!).

It's my new obsession.

Here are my top five cabins (so far - still browsing!).

All images gratefully pinched from Cabin Porn 

If you are in possession of one of these cabins, or a similar such cabin, please let me live there? I can pay you in wonky haircuts and quite nice cakes! My dog's super-friendly, too. Basically we'd be pretty ideal houseguests.

In the meantime, the friend responsible for newfound obsession with Cabin Porn has very kindly let me come to stay with him in the countryside. It's pretty great. Wholesome food, excellent wine, a thatched cottage, and strolls by the river. It's no cabin, but it'll have to do for now...

... Unless he has a shed in the garden I can sleep in? Right, I'd better pop off and ask him...



  1. The fourth one looks a lot like my Swedish dream - a "sommarstuga" - a Summer cabin on a lake, aww.
    I don't think your idea is ridiculous. In times of being able to communicate whenever or wherever you want, it's also hard to focus on one thing solely. Staying far away in a cabin with a typewriter, music and a doc, it does sound pretty perfect to me! :)

  2. The penguin one is my favourite! Imagine waking up every morning with a glacier on one side of you and these guys on the other - could be a little chilly though!

  3. one of the best memories i've made in this life was spending a weekend i a cabin with two girlfriends. we lived off food we found around the forest (for real), had a fire burning and a woolen socks. it was beyond wonderful.
    so this post is one that i totally relate to.
    you have no idea how many hours i just spent on that cabin-porn-site!!! :D


All love notes are gratefully received. If you have a burning question, though, it would be better to hit me up with an email.

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