Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Oh stop it, Urban Outfitters, you little minx. Stop it, I said. No more. It's just not fair. Stop sending me these emails. You know my self-restraint in these matters is about as strong as a soggy piece of cake.

Oh, go on then. After all, I've been looking at this for a while. And I want to wear it EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME.

Sparkle & Fade Velvet Crop Top - £22.40
While I've got you, I'll pick up a couple of Christmas presents for the gang. It seems like the thing to do, doesn't it?

For my Snap-Happiest Pal...

Dreamer Diana F+ Camera - £40

For the avid baker...

Home-Made Cookie Stamp - £9.60

And for my brother's girlfriend (I think it's time she's officially welcomed to the family...)

Bunny Kigu - £40

Because in my family, you don't really count if you're dressed... Well... humanly. 

See what I mean? 

Oh my, I am starting to get too much manic, pent-up festive energy. It's because I'm trying (and failing) to keep it all pent up until December. But all I really want to do is play "All I Want For Christmas" on repeat, snuggle up in front of Home Alone (One and Two), and play some carols on my ukulele.

As it is, there's an Apple Strudel in the oven (recipe tomorrow if it pans out well!) and some wine mulling in a pot on the stove.

So, not entirely, well... Unfestive.

Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet?



Lately, Kittens, I've been dreaming of running away to live in a cabin for a little while. I have a completely ridiculous and romanticised idea about it being just me and my dog, with my iPod and a typewriter for a little while. Fresh air, country walks, that sort of thing. 

My friends think I'm mad. They remind me that my dream retreat sounds a lot like the beginning of a horror movie. Apart from one friend, that is.

He introduced me to Cabin Porn, a wonderful little Tumblr full of inspiration for my future hideaway (one day I will have one of my own!).

It's my new obsession.

Here are my top five cabins (so far - still browsing!).

All images gratefully pinched from Cabin Porn 

If you are in possession of one of these cabins, or a similar such cabin, please let me live there? I can pay you in wonky haircuts and quite nice cakes! My dog's super-friendly, too. Basically we'd be pretty ideal houseguests.

In the meantime, the friend responsible for newfound obsession with Cabin Porn has very kindly let me come to stay with him in the countryside. It's pretty great. Wholesome food, excellent wine, a thatched cottage, and strolls by the river. It's no cabin, but it'll have to do for now...

... Unless he has a shed in the garden I can sleep in? Right, I'd better pop off and ask him...



Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hello Creatures,

I walked into Boots the other day with the best of intentions. "Just popping in to pick up a lipstick for my Ma (she has worn the same shade ever since I can remember). Put on the blinkers. Look straight ahead. Don't be distracted by the pretty objects..."

"Oh hi, there, Chanel counter. You're looking pretty good today, aren't you?"

And so it began. 

It took about 4.76 seconds for my will-power to melt into a puddle, and before I knew it the Rouge Allure Velvet in 307 - L'Impatiente - was being swatched onto my hand, and I was being buttered up by the lovely sales assistant. "You're right, it does look amazing with my skin-tone!"

Lovely Sales Assistant then hits me with the magic words. "It's a limited edition, you know." 

This little phrase always seems to tip me over the edge, into the firey pit of consumerism. Because the only thing worse than Buyer's Remorse? Not Buyer's Remorse.

£25 later (but it's ok though, I probably got like a trazillion Boots Points) and I had my new favourite lipstick. I may or may not have applied it before I left the shop. 

I did.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet - 307 - L'Impatiente
*Image Source*

Now if you've been hanging around for a while, then you'll probably have noticed that when it comes to make-up, I'm a total noob. So I'm not going to try and talk to you about how pigmented it is, or about formula or anything, because I still don't really know what that is. This is a good review if you want to know about that kind of thing. All I will say is:

I really like the colour. It's easy to apply, the packaging is cool and fancy, and it doesn't come off on wine-glasses or mugs nearly as much as my other lipsticks. It also seems to last for quite a long time. It looks a little bit scary and vampy before you apply it, but when on, it perfectly toes the line of making me look quite a lot cooler and edgier than I actually am* without throwing me into goth/vamp/pop-culture-sparkley-vampire territory. For which I am eternally grateful.

Also, I think it jazzes up my hobo-beanie quite nicely.

This picture makes me quite concerned that my latest cutting-my-own-hair adventure went nowhere near as well as originally thought. Maybe it's a bad angle. Can hair have bad angles?
If you'd like to buy some of this lipstick (and why wouldn't you, after such a brilliant, professional, well-written review?) then there is still some available here. Go on, and then we can be lip twins!

I hope that you all had ace weekends. 


*Quite a feat, considering I'm about as edgy as a PERCT SPHERE


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Not really. Although I do really love Cluedo. And Scrabble. And Monopoly. And The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game*. 

No, no, this is a post about a coat. 

I've been umming and aahing about a new coat for a while. Because baby, it's cold outside. The three main contenders? This little beauty from ASOS, a Paddington Bear-esque number from Topshop, or a Granny-Chic staple from Urban Outfitters.  

Then, at the Weekend, I was browsing through Beyond Retro with my Ma (we were looking for offensively kitsch Christmas jumpers - we have the same terrible sense of humour, and have decided to do one of those All-American-90s-Christmas-Family-Photos this year - I will be sure to show you the results). And the perfect coat caught my eye. 

If Little Red Riding Hood was Cruella DeVille's daughter, then this would have been her coat.

Bow - Vintage from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair; Coat - Vintage from Beyond Retro; Jeans - 7 for All Mankind; Boots - Urban Outfitters
It was love at first sight. It is bordering on Offensively Loud. But I'm okay with that. As my Ma put it;

"Well, at least there's no danger of losing you, I suppose."

Every girl needs a coat that makes them this happy. I am now EMBRACING going outside into the chill and gloom of London ("No, don't be silly, I'll nip down to the shop for some milk!"), and I wear it around the house quite a lot as well. Because I'm weird.

What do you think? Nice? Or have I finally lost the plot, taste-wise?

Hope you're all keeping warm, Cool Cats.


*If this isn't in your board game cupboard (WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE A BOARD GAME CUPBOARD?!) then put it on your Christmas list, kids. It's the best. I promise.
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