Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hey Cool Cats,

On a recent trip to Liberty, I was extremely well-behaved and only bought one thing (despite being extremely tempted by this dress*) - 10 More Simple, Cosy Projects by Sarah Hatton. If you're not familiar, Sarah Hatton is a freelance knitwear designer who makes patterns of really sweet, quite easy to make garments. 

I basically want to knit everything in the book, but I started with these wristwarmers to keep my hands roasty-toasty. Because as much as I love me a good old pair of gloves, they're just not iPhone friendly. 

With the leftover wool, I fashioned myself a little pom-pom, which I sewed on to my new beret from Beyond Retro. I have a huge love for berets, but I'm also rather partial to the odd Breton stripe - a pom-pom seems to suitably de-ouiouimonsieur the whole look.

I managed to pick up a really brilliant skirt in Beyond Retro too. A bargain at £25, it's a butter-soft suede high-waisted pencil skirt. I am wearing it a lot at the moment. (I'm not one of those girls who buys things and then hoards them in her wardrobe forever. I'm quite prone to wearing things out of the shop. I like to think that my mad over-enthusiasm for clothes is charmingly eccentric, but it's probably just a sign that I am horribly materialistic.)

Beret - Beyond Retro; Necklace - Katrina Phillips; Top - H&M; Suede Pencil Skirt - Beyond Retro; Shoes - Russell & Bromley 

What with the evenings getting darker, there is nothing I'm enjoying more at the moment than a cup of tea, Downton Abbey, and a good knit. Only 9 More Simple, Cosy Projects to go! Good Lord, I'm such a granny.

Are you a fellow knitter?


*Hey Marc Jacobs! It's nearly my birthday, y'know! Just sayin'...


  1. I wish I could knit, really I do.. these look very snazzy and the pom pom is a great idea too. I wear things straight away as well, seems odd to hoard things for ages- as soon as I buy something new it's like all my old stuff suddenly seems crap anyway! xx

  2. love this! way to tackle a project! new to your blog and enjoying everything! xo

  3. they look awesome! i used to knit when i was younger but not sure i remember how to now. maybe i need to bring it back!

    Laila x

  4. that is an incredibly cute outfit and I can't quite believe that those are hand knitted gloves! so skilled! X

  5. I can see why you were tempted with that dress, it's adorable.

    I'm not a knitter but I've thought about taking up sewing. Don't think I have the patience for it.

  6. I really want to try to knit some wrist warmers but I'm a bit terrified I'll fail haha

  7. so creative! i'm just a little too unpatient for knitting, which is a pity. my moms big disappointment concerning her daughter. that pompom made me laugh. looks absolutely rad on that hat. :)

  8. I'm a knitter too. Those wrist warmers are too adorable! I might have to buy the pattern! You naughty, stylish enabler you. Hehe. X

  9. Cutest outfit!! I love the knitted sleeves.. Something I might even be able to atempt myself! Ha. I imagine it'll just turn into another scarf though..



  10. I love the way you write! Looking lovely here as per too :D x x

  11. I love your outfit and those knitted little things. I can't knit, so I'm saying bravo! twice ;) Hope to hear from you soon!


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