Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sometimes, I think that I'm making progress at the whole "being a grown-up, adult, responsible, real person" thing. Seriously. I have a job, I'm registered with the GP, I (sometimes) get my 8 hours sleep. Heck, sometimes I even eat vegetables. True story, Ma. 

Then things happen. Things that knock me into reality, and make me realise just how far I have to come before I can call myself a grown-up. Sometimes they're big things, like last month, when my ceiling sprung a leak, and my flat flooded. I realised, at that moment, that I had no idea what to do. Emergency plumber? Forget it, I wouldn't know the first thing about where to find one, and anyway, I'd rather spend my money on shoes. Instead, I rustled up a couple of buckets (practicality, thy name is Mona) and called my Mother. Because mothers are superheroes, and a big hole in the ceiling and a huge puddle of water on the carpet won't phase them, will it?

Sometimes they're silly things, like the other day, when I went to get my weekly shop. Food, to feed me for a week. The cupboards were bare. It was time. 

I was a bit spaced out, totally forgot about healthy eating, and just kind of wandered around Sainsbury's, grabbing whatever took my fancy. The result? 

To feed myself for a week, I purchased milk, bread, peanut butter, yoghurt, cookies, ice cream, and Vogue. 

Brilliant, Mona. Nice work. Really.


When I was sixteen, I truly thought that by twenty two (twenty three next month! Eek!) I'd have life figured out, and be really grown-up. Whoops. Error.

I'm sort of in two minds as to whether this is a problem. In one respect, I do acknowledge the need to take control of life a bit more, and take care of myself. Do practical things. Get an emergency plumber's number. Buy actual food when I go shopping. Maybe even some exercise?* But then I think about it, and I can do other, less practical, but much more fun things. I can now play Zooey Deschanel's Hey Girl on the ukulele. I make a pretty mean carrot cake, I can lick my own elbow, and I hold my own against almost all boys at Tekken, Fifa, and COD. And actually, twenty two isn't that old, is it? Lots of time to develop practical life skills. So I may as well focus on the fun stuff, for now. 

I'm sure that by the time I'm twenty five, I'll have life all figured out, and be really grown up.

I'm also pretty sure that when I'm twenty five, I will regret the above statement.


*Calm down Mo, let's not go too wild here!


  1. This post made me laugh so much! Brilliant as always x

  2. I love your blog! i turned 20 a few months ago i thought i'd be on my way to my career =S not so much

  3. Peanut butter and ice cream is totally grown up. Don't be so modest Mona!

  4. Vogue and peanut is a must, what ever age! also, im 25 in two weeks time and i'v been avoiding being a grown up for ever. I still have no idea what i'm doing, and spend half my time wishing I had a pet penguin/unicorn/mini horse and calling my mum daily for chinwags!

  5. Haha, you've got further than I probably ever will! On that bit about beating boys at Fifa, etc. I beat two boys at a ninja game and a killing game yesterday (I forgot both the names), I think the key to winning is to not be obsessed by them! Silly boys! :P x

  6. My boyfriend turned round to me the other day and said 'f**k me, we are so grown up'. so i promptly poked my tongue out and tried to lick his face.
    These things have got to be done, it is no fun to be a grown up.
    And btw my mum is my go to person for when things get me down. Gotta be done!
    Love it mona!!x

  7. hahaha you definitely will, I am 26 and I really do not have life sussed. Sometimes I wander around and buy similar sort of "shopping" in Sainsburys. Hmm, I guess some stuff comes with time. :) xxx

  8. Ha, love this post! I'm nearly 30 and still think I'm younger!! Sometimes you need to let your hair done once in a while!!

  9. Haha this made me laugh! I am 28 (nearly 29) I had to call my dad the other day because I couldn't work my boiler and had no hot water. I don't know when you are really grown up because I don't feel it sometimes, and I have a mortgage! which is a very grown up thing! B x

  10. This made me giggle! I'm the same age as you and I still walk around the supermarket in a complete daze. Ice cream and cookies are pretty much a necessity though! xx

  11. Haha I remember being 10 and thinking "wow, one day I'll be 20!! I'll be an ADULT !" Now I'm 22 and I still feel like a child haha

  12. Haha! I bloody love you! This is always what my shopping basket looks like! Magazines and lots of sugary treats x x

  13. Laughed so much at this. I try and convince myself I'm an adult sometimes too. I book doctors appointments, put petrol in the car, pay my phone bill etc I even managed to do my first load of washing the other day. Well, after mum reminded me I needed to press the start button for it to work. Oops. Thank god for mums eh? Was lovely meeting you on Saturday! You look like Jessica Alba. Not jealous at all. Nope.xx

  14. I'm 24, and I still feel a long way from being a 'grown up'. I also call my parents whenever I can't fix something! x

  15. I'm 28 and I have just started figuring it out... But hey, you might as well be smarter than me and have it all at 25.
    Hope the leak has been sorted.


  16. Mona, I'm in between 26 and 27 and sometimes when my bf goes away on a grown up business trip, i'll pop to the supermarket and do the same as you :) you're definitely not alone on this let me tell you that! Our twenties are the time to balls things up and learn from our mistakes! So celebrate the ups and downs with some Haagen Daaz, or carrot cake or a cocktail! (p.s. i think i would have just cried about the leak/flood so good on ya girl for finding some buckets!) xx

  17. Haha, I feel the same as you. Organizing your life alone is pretty difficult. When I go to the supermarket, I tend to buy very little things because I always think "I can never eat all this stuff!" ... Two days later, my kitchen is empty and I have to go again.

    By the way, great blog!

  18. Ha! Don't count on it...I'll be 28 shortly and still have distinctly un-grown-up moments. (Often shopping related!) Just embrace the Haagen Daaz; there'll be plenty of time to be old and boring later.

  19. This post made me laugh! I am the same age as you and my shopping looks very similar to yours. I am hoping by 25 I will have my life sorted.


  20. I'm 25 and still do the same thing. Embrace it girl (and eat out to get your veg fix - twice a week)!


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