Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hey Cool Cats,

On a recent trip to Liberty, I was extremely well-behaved and only bought one thing (despite being extremely tempted by this dress*) - 10 More Simple, Cosy Projects by Sarah Hatton. If you're not familiar, Sarah Hatton is a freelance knitwear designer who makes patterns of really sweet, quite easy to make garments. 

I basically want to knit everything in the book, but I started with these wristwarmers to keep my hands roasty-toasty. Because as much as I love me a good old pair of gloves, they're just not iPhone friendly. 

With the leftover wool, I fashioned myself a little pom-pom, which I sewed on to my new beret from Beyond Retro. I have a huge love for berets, but I'm also rather partial to the odd Breton stripe - a pom-pom seems to suitably de-ouiouimonsieur the whole look.

I managed to pick up a really brilliant skirt in Beyond Retro too. A bargain at £25, it's a butter-soft suede high-waisted pencil skirt. I am wearing it a lot at the moment. (I'm not one of those girls who buys things and then hoards them in her wardrobe forever. I'm quite prone to wearing things out of the shop. I like to think that my mad over-enthusiasm for clothes is charmingly eccentric, but it's probably just a sign that I am horribly materialistic.)

Beret - Beyond Retro; Necklace - Katrina Phillips; Top - H&M; Suede Pencil Skirt - Beyond Retro; Shoes - Russell & Bromley 

What with the evenings getting darker, there is nothing I'm enjoying more at the moment than a cup of tea, Downton Abbey, and a good knit. Only 9 More Simple, Cosy Projects to go! Good Lord, I'm such a granny.

Are you a fellow knitter?


*Hey Marc Jacobs! It's nearly my birthday, y'know! Just sayin'...


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sometimes, I think that I'm making progress at the whole "being a grown-up, adult, responsible, real person" thing. Seriously. I have a job, I'm registered with the GP, I (sometimes) get my 8 hours sleep. Heck, sometimes I even eat vegetables. True story, Ma. 

Then things happen. Things that knock me into reality, and make me realise just how far I have to come before I can call myself a grown-up. Sometimes they're big things, like last month, when my ceiling sprung a leak, and my flat flooded. I realised, at that moment, that I had no idea what to do. Emergency plumber? Forget it, I wouldn't know the first thing about where to find one, and anyway, I'd rather spend my money on shoes. Instead, I rustled up a couple of buckets (practicality, thy name is Mona) and called my Mother. Because mothers are superheroes, and a big hole in the ceiling and a huge puddle of water on the carpet won't phase them, will it?

Sometimes they're silly things, like the other day, when I went to get my weekly shop. Food, to feed me for a week. The cupboards were bare. It was time. 

I was a bit spaced out, totally forgot about healthy eating, and just kind of wandered around Sainsbury's, grabbing whatever took my fancy. The result? 

To feed myself for a week, I purchased milk, bread, peanut butter, yoghurt, cookies, ice cream, and Vogue. 

Brilliant, Mona. Nice work. Really.


When I was sixteen, I truly thought that by twenty two (twenty three next month! Eek!) I'd have life figured out, and be really grown-up. Whoops. Error.

I'm sort of in two minds as to whether this is a problem. In one respect, I do acknowledge the need to take control of life a bit more, and take care of myself. Do practical things. Get an emergency plumber's number. Buy actual food when I go shopping. Maybe even some exercise?* But then I think about it, and I can do other, less practical, but much more fun things. I can now play Zooey Deschanel's Hey Girl on the ukulele. I make a pretty mean carrot cake, I can lick my own elbow, and I hold my own against almost all boys at Tekken, Fifa, and COD. And actually, twenty two isn't that old, is it? Lots of time to develop practical life skills. So I may as well focus on the fun stuff, for now. 

I'm sure that by the time I'm twenty five, I'll have life all figured out, and be really grown up.

I'm also pretty sure that when I'm twenty five, I will regret the above statement.


*Calm down Mo, let's not go too wild here!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sorry for my prolonged absence, kids, I've been horribly unwell. I'm all better now, but I'm just one of those useless people, who will always get whatever's going around, and suffer quite horribly with it. Poor me, eh?

Anyway, I have some news for you.

I am in love. 

I think it's going to be a glorious partnership. We met last week, and we spend all of our time together. When I'm not with him, I find myself thinking about him quite a lot. What we're going to do together later, that sort of thing. 

There is the possibility that I may start annoying my friends soon, because I'm either with him or talking about him all the time, but I don't care.

This is him.

He doesn't have a name yet. He's just my ukulele. 

It started out with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Then yesterday, I had my very own Holly Golightly moment, sitting out on my fire escape playing Moon River. Today, we went for a wander to the park, where I strummed away to On the Street Where You Live. It was pretty dreamy. 

Music is becoming quite a big part of my life again, which I'm really enjoying. I have a few little projects in the pipelines, which I'll keep you informed about. But they will doubtfully be as dear to my heart as my ukulele. He's pretty, surprisingly easy to sound okay on, and he's travel sized for my convenience! 

He does, however, need a good name. If you're struck by any inspiration, please send your answer on a postcard leave me a suggestion in the comments section. 

Silk Scarf - Vintage; Shirt - Cooperative; Jumper - Topshop; Jeans - 7 for all Mankind; Boots - Topshop

If you're a ukulele player yourself, and you know of any good online resources for learning, please let me know! Same thing if there's a song that you think I should learn!

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