Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hello Creatures,

So I just found this in my drafts, I seem to have had a malfunction when publishing last Friday! Sorry, but here it is!

So as I said yesterday, I was lucky enough to be free to scuttle around London with my bestie from home, Fran. After work, I went to meet her, popped on my new favourite dress, and we hit the town.

Necklace - Katrina Phillips; Dress - Handwritten; Handbag - Chanel; Shoes - Kurt Geiger.

A wonderful night of running around New Bond Street for Fashion's Night Out ensued, followed by cocktails at Freud and champagne and dancing at Cuckoo

My Muji fan is my new must-have item for a night out. Seriously, a wonderful investment for £6. Air con in a lot of functions leaves somewhat to be desired, so the fan is an excellent deterrent for sweaty fringe, plus you can create your own little wind-machine effect whilst fluttering your eyelashes at whatever gentleman takes your fancy. Obviously, this isn't what I do. I'm more of a poke-myself-in-the-eye-then-drop-my-fan kinda gal, that's just how I roll. 

We also made friends with the lovely Charlie, a musician, model, and phenomenal dancer...

Suffice to say, Fran's little venture up to London was quite the pick-up that I'd needed. My mood slump is over, I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed once more, and I'm heading home next week for a few days of Ma's cooking, seaside, and my own bed.




  1. Sounds like fun :) and you look lovely as always x

  2. You look ridiculously gorgeous, as per. So glad you're finally feeling more like Mona :) xx

  3. Well hello there!! You look amazing. I love the cocktails at Freud. glad you had fun times xx

  4. Such a cute dress!

    Emma x

  5. Such a pretty dress! Glad you had a good time out with Fran sweetie, you deserved a little pick me up! Charlie looks nice... ;)

    Pip x

  6. Blimmin love those shoes!
    Glad you are feeling tip top, a good night out is sometimes the best cure (as is a schmexy man)

  7. aw im glad your mood has improved hun, sometimes u just need your buddies to cheer you up :) LOVE the fan, such a great idea, especially for the tube!! theres a muji by my office so im totally copying you and buying one of those! xx

  8. Love the outfit, very pretty!

    - Keyta x


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Mona x

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