Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hey Y'All.

Autumn is here! I can say this with certainty, because this morning I selected my biggest and snuggliest jumper from my warfloordrobe, I feel totally justified once more in wearing a giant knitted hat, and because I find myself favouring plummy coloured lipstick at the moment. Please note how much progress towards becoming a Real Girl has been made - I've actually started wearing lipstick. Well, sometimes, anyway. 

Whenever I take pictures for the blog, most of them come out looking something like this for some reason. I think it's what my face actually looks like most of the time. Anyway, I thought it was high time I shared one with you.

I have massive love for Autumn and Winter dressing to be honest. Although I think that there's a lot more fun to be had experimenting with looks in the Summer, I constantly find myself panicking that I'm showing too much skin off. I'm definitely more one of the "big jumper please, and actually, pass me another slice of apple pie, I need the extra weight to keep me warm" gang than I am the "I look bitchin' in a crop top and disco shorts because  I have self discipline" type. It's sad but it's true. 

Anyway, look at me, going off topic. Here's what I wore today...

Hat - Oxfam; Necklace - Links of London; Handbag - Vida Vida; Jumper - Liberty (vintage); Skirt - American Apparel; Boots - Topshop.
I will basically be wearing this, or some variation of this, for the next few months. Except soon I'll have to pop a coat on over the top, and the tights will become wooly. Goodness me, I love lazy fashion.

Right, that's all for today, folks. I've suddenly realised that Winter is coming (cheeky Game of Thrones reference, because everyone loves a girl geek), and I need to make some Apple Streusel cake and locate my missing glove. I know I've got a bit of time, but I like to be prepared.

Are you a Summer or Winter girl, dress-wise?


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  1. I have JUST posted about this subject haha. I am such an Autumn girl! Forget shorts and vests, give me knitwear and boots any day!
    Very cute hat =)

  2. I have spent the last few weeks saying "Winter is coming" in my best Sean Bean voice :) Lovely the snuggly jumper, I can't wait to get wearing mine either! xx

  3. What lipstick colour is that? The grape one? I'm loving it. Is it quite moisturising?? xx

  4. I love that jumper, looks so nice and snug. Adorable photos too, pretty lady!
    I loooove the summer, the hotter the better, but I prefer winter clothes. Most awkward but I suppose at least I have something to look forward to each season.

    Also, HELL YEAH to the comment above. WINTER IS COMING!


  5. monamonamona,
    your blog has become one of my very favourites. there is life on here. and as far as i can tell, honesty.
    your face makes me happy. i find that fact a little strange, myself. but it simply does.
    there is so much beauty in that face of yours.

  6. I love how snuggly and warm this outfit looks! Winter style suits you, you look gorgeous! Love the lipstick too, you should definitely wear it more often :) xx

  7. I'm sorry I couldn't refrain. YOU LOOK FRICKING ADORABLE!!! Wish I had your face! xox

  8. first of all, you make me want a fringe. secondly, you make me want to wear my beanies. and thirdly, you make me want to come pick you up and steal you. and hide you in my house. forever.x

  9. This is the cutest outfit, love the chunky jumper and the beaine! You look so comfy and warm xx

  10. aaah mono, i LOVE game of thrones. good girl. and apple pie and big jumpers, for sure, screw the disco pants and self dicipline.
    you are adorable. Thanks for always making me smile with your posts.

  11. Winter, all the way. I love my skirts and tights, and woolly jumpers and hats and scarves and coats! I spend the majority of my summers waiting for winter to come round again so I can get all my cozy stuff out!

  12. Found you!!
    Lovely to meet you yesterday evenng at PinkMothballs launch party, that headband you had is goegeous!!
    Following you now!


  13. Love the hat hun, makes the outfit super cute :)

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  14. you look so cute!
    I love the outfit. xx

  15. you are so adorable!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a dixi arrow bracelet. it's worldwide, too! :)

  16. Beautiful outfit.. Defo a winter dress girl myself. Layers are GOOD..




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