Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hello Cool Cats,

Here are some Instagram snaps from my last few days at home, which were amazing. Although there is never a dull moment in London, sometimes I need a sea breeze and salt water to clear out the cobwebs. I'm lucky enough to only live a hop, skip, and a two hour journey away from home, so when two days off in a row are presented to me, it's easy enough to get back to where I come from.

Here are some of the highlights from my trip:

(1)  The most and least photogenic bunnies on the planet - Belinda Carlisle and Toby (2) Slipping into a Kigu to warm up from the sea (3) Chats with Mama Chipped and cuddles with the pooch. 
(4) "Lunch" - Yorkshire Tea and an Eton Mess Sunday (5) Catch-up with Fran - we don't deal well when separated for long (6) Sharing is caring
(7) Bunting and real china (8) Catching some rays (9) Going in for a dip - and I absolutely do not believe that September is the warmest time for swimming, just FYI.
(10) Gorgeous lilies to brighten up the bedroom (11) Blogging HQ, AKA the best place ever, AKA bed (12) My favourite Rituals candles, Under a Fig Tree.
As of today, I'm back in the Big Bad City and I've got lots planned to tell you all about... If you like this, and fancy more, my Instagram name is monablogs.

In other news, you may have noticed that I've acquired myself my own domain name... If so, give yourself a pat on the back. Spoiler alert, there's actually a very pretty new blog design being coded for me too! Yeeeeah, check me out, all fancy! 



  1. Looks like you've been having a great time!

  2. ooooo i didnt know rituals did candles. im obsessed with their suncream because it smells incredible. im so happy i saw this! hehe oh, and the bunniiiiieees, how freaking cute. x

  3. Aw the rabbit's are so cute! Your "blogging HQ" looks cute! Love the lights :) We'll have to meet up soon for a coffee or something sweet!
    Ashllyd x


All love notes are gratefully received. If you have a burning question, though, it would be better to hit me up with an email.

Mona x

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