Thursday, 13 September 2012


Things sometimes start to feel quite grown-up, don't they? Recently, I've found myself longing for the days when my biggest worry in life was whether I had enough money to buy a Mini Milk (remember when Mini Milks were 5p?), or if my very embarrassing Mother had given me a normal sandwich in my lunch-box*. Things like flat hunting and gainful employment seem like a whole bigger and scarier affair.  It's been playing on my mind for a while...

... Until yesterday, that is. My lovely friend Will came to visit me in London for what was effectively a twenty four hour play-date.  

After a huge supper at the Royal China**, we scampered off to Queen's Ice and Bowl, the perfect venue for unleashing your inner child. 

First on the itinerary was ice skating, where we both amazed ourselves and each other - Will by not falling over, despite a lot of flailing, and me by ice skating backwards. It's okay. Go on. You have my permission to be impressed.

I wear: Beanie - ASOS; Jewellery - Katrina Phillips; Jacket and Cropped Tee - Topshop; Skirt - Appletree Boutique
Will wears: Old clothes because he "hates shopping". Yeah, weird.

Bowling saw us both getting fiercely competitive... I'm proud to say, however, that I just cinched my victory with a flukey well-executed spare. Phew. Will then more than reclaimed his honour by thrashing me at a game of air hockey which actually got us a bit of an audience.

Once the staff at Queen's insisted that we left so that they could close and go to bed, we bought some gelato and wondered off home, where we collapsed in front of a Disney movie before calling it a night. The fun continued today - we made pancakes for breakfast, and then spent the afternoon wandering around the Natural History Museum, where we worked on our bear impressions, marvelled at the dinosaurs, and where Will led me, totally unsuspecting, into an earthquake simulator, which I don't mind admitting was a bit of a shock.

The last stop, naturally, was the gift shop, where I'm saddened to report that Will was mauled by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Velociraptor. 

Don't worry though, the prognosis looks good and I'm confident that he'll make a full recovery.

All in all, Will's visit was amazing. Living in London, where "playing" is a term more commonly associated with champagne and high heels, it's easy to forget about the simpler, more innocent pleasures in life... I think it's a shame, because regressing to child every know and then, and just being fun and silly, is actually a pretty effective tonic for the stresses that life brings us.

We have all the time in the world to be grown-up, and glamourous. Don't forget to play, too, kids.

Do you have any spots or activities to recommend for Will's next visit?


*Inevitably, this was a no. My Ma only makes two sandwiches - cheese and jam, or sausage and marmalade. Yeah. 
** I would hand-on-heart say that this is, in my opinion, the best Chinese restaurant in London. My family are regulars,               and some of the longer-serving staff members remember me in bibs.


  1. i love that you went ice skating in a maxi skirt! looks like a fun time, and now i've seen this post i'm going to suggest bowling as a weekend activity this weekend!x

  2. We went to the Natural History Museum when we visited London last week - it was amazing and that earthquake simulator was awesome

  3. I also grew up on cheese and jam sandwiches..So you're not alone and they're actually pretty delicious which the rest of the world is missing out on!

    Rhiannon @ VIntage Style Me


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