Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hi Cool Cats,

Sorry it's been a while. I'll fill you in on the why and how, right now.

So, the big unanswered question - what went wrong with the boy?

In short, nothing. We had a wonderful time together, as previously stated I had so much fun, and learned so much about relationships, and about myself. If you take anything from this little tale, I'd like it to be that the boy is kind and good, and I have nothing bad to say about him.

The course of true love never did run smooth, though, did it? The boy went away, for three weeks. And during these three weeks (don't judge me too harshly - here goes) I met someone else. Someone who swept me off my feet.

This is him. He's called Tom. 

It's really sad and horrible that I met him while I was involved with someone else, and I really wish that it hadn't been the case. However, the boy was totally understanding when I told him about Tom. Although, as I've said before, things with the boy were comfortable, and fun, and easy, we both knew that I wasn't "the one" for him, or him for me. There are no hard feelings there. There's even a friendship.

And what about Tom, you may well ask? Is he "the one"?

Well, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed. Because I think he's pretty ace.

So that's where I've been hiding - caught up in the whirlwind of new romance. And having lots of breakfast in bed. 

I know that what happened wasn't fair, or good. But I tried to be as honest and kind as I could be about the whole situation. And I hope that you all don't judge me too much, because I'm genuinely the happiest I've ever been. 

I'm very nervous publishing this. But I promised you the story. So here we go.


P.S. Check back tomorrow for a giveaway! Co-incidence, not bribery, I promise.


  1. Don't feel too bad, this kind of thing happens to a lot of people! It's good that you were honest about it, I bet a lot of people would just lie. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. You can't help who you fall for, so don't feel bad! X

  3. All we can do is be honest with ourselves and it sounds like that's exactly what you've done and in the process been upfront with everyone involved. No judgement here! :-)

    Enjoy being swept off your feet and long may it last! x

  4. Brave girl! Both for sharing with your readers and the boy, but honest is all you can be in these situations - sounds as if you've handled it very well. And be happy! x

  5. There was no need to feel shame in posting this hun, it happens. Good thing the 'original' boy was so understanding :)

    It's always the healthiest to be honest with yourself and others, otherwise you end up worrying about things too much.

  6. I love that you've been so honest with yourself, the boy and us! How many people are like that? Please don't feel bad because a lot of people will be able to relate. It's not like you did a Kristen Stewart anyway is it haha! Anyone who judges you has absolutely no right, it's only yours, Tom's and the boy's business and as long as you're all happy then who cares?
    I'm really happy you've found someone amazing, I hope you both stay super happy. xxx

  7. Mona I really enjoyed this post! You have a knack of making everything you write so enjoyable, and personal, I feel like one of your really close friends whenever I click onto your blog!
    You have no need to be nervous, there's nothing wrong with what happened at all!
    Sometimes things just don't work out, it wasn't meant to, but you've found a good friend from the situation!
    I don't think you could ever be a horrible person, you're too lovely!

  8. I've had pretty much the same experience, so I definitely can't judge you because I know what it's like to be in that situation. My break-up wasn't as amicable though, he acted like I had completely ruined his life but then 4 months later he got engaged to someone that he didn't even know before we broke up...
    I'm still with my 'new' boy a year and a half later though, and I'm much happier than I was in the previous relationship, so it's worked out for the best :). The breakfast in bed thing hasn't happened yet though!

  9. It happens to the best of us, how do you think I started out with my boyfriend?? lol.

    Good on you for being so happy xxx

  10. Don't feel bad about it, you can't help the way things go and it's only wrong if people don't come clean! I'm genuinely so happy for you - I love reading a nice fairytale story of romance so you go for it, and who on earth could possibly blog and the like when they're receiving breakfast in bed that looks as romantic as that!!


  11. Toms tattoos look awesome - approved lol

  12. You mustn't feel badly! Seems you dealt with it very well indeed. And Tom looks lovely! x

  13. Tom looks rather handsome :P As long as you were honest throughout, it's just one of those things, you can't always choose when and where you'll meet someone or be swept off your feet. Hope this lovely adventure lasts :) xx

  14. Congrats! You can't plan how life works out. It doesn't work that way! And sometimes things like these work out for the best. Have fun! xx

  15. :D This is exciting! Although, I know how it feels to do that to a boy... It seems like that's always the way it happened for me. It's always better when everyone is understanding, and you're not a complete bitch about it. It's always better to break it off, then to cheat! :)

    Have fun and all the best for you and Tom (he's cute!)!

  16. You shouldn't feel bad, it's better to be honest with your feelings than try to live a lie. That would only lead to resentment and a bitter ending, your ex obviously appreciates your honesty and that's why you can remain friends, so don't feel too bad. Just enjoy your new romance, he looks like a great guy, I wish I had someone to make me breakfasts in bed like that :) xx

  17. Mona, thanks once again for your honesty with us. These things happen, that's part of growing up isn't it? Realising life is sometimes incredibly complicated and a bit messy. It sounds like you have stayed true to yourself whilst being honest with your ex...I've actually been the Tom in a love situation, and we're still together (over 3 years later!) Life your life, enjoy it, make mistakes now, because that is how we learn! And big hugs, because this must have been rough on you! X

  18. mona, i dont know you but i adore what i see of you on here. you are one of those people i just wish i knew in real life. this post was so... i really lack the word here. maybe pure is one that comes near to what i mean. maybe i am wrong as hell, but it always seems like you were not portraying yourself in a way that is not real, like most other bloggers do. you just write down what is there. what is really there. and i cant even express how awesome i find that, how awesome i find you and how excited i get when i see you posted something. i wish you some splendid days with your boy and pfuuuh, that tom is breathtaking! ;)

  19. I am so glad I found your blog, and got to read this real, honest story. I am glad the break up was amicable, and you are happy :) Can totally relate to you as well, timing can be a sod but life is what it is! xxx


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