Saturday, 25 August 2012

Howdy, Kids!

So, it's the bank holiday weekend (hurray!) and I'm in the best mood I've been in for a long time. Today is full of good news. Work is going well, my amazing flatmate from last year is coming to visit tonight, my family and dog are here, and tomorrow and Monday it's Notting Hill Carnival. See you there? 

The cherry on top of my happiness is that I was given some beautiful flowers today. My flat now smells like roses, and they were the perfect accessory for an outfit post, no? Let's start saying it with flowers more, it really does put a girl in the loveliest of moods.

Today I'm wearing a vintage Jonathan Saunders dress that I picked up a few weeks ago in an Octavia Foundation charity shop, paired with a sunflower garland that I bought last summer to support the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, my Vida Vida bag, and my trusty Urban Outfitters boots. All jewellery is from the wonderful Katrina Phillips, 99 Portobello Road, apart from my little Delilah Dust bracelet.

Thank you (once again) to Middle Brother, who is becoming my blog photographer of choice (as my tripod sadly seems to be MIA). I only have to pay him in carrot cake and cups of tea, which works well for everyone.

The pattern on the dress is, in my opinion, just so, so pretty, and I adore the swishy-ness of it. Swish, swish, swish.

If you're Carnival-bound and you see anything spectacular, then please tweet me @monablogs so that I don't miss out! However you spend your bank holiday weekend, I hope it's filled with friends, family, and fun. 

Dusting off my dancing shoes,



  1. Ooh, I love this outfit darling! The dress is such a pretty pattern, and I am in love with your Urban Outfitter boots! I'm glad you're having a happier time of late, I did get a bit sad with the whole boy(s) drama, just because I think you deserve to be happy all the time because you're just such a lovely person :) Have a great time at the carnival, wish I could go!

    Pip x

  2. Lovity love love that dress. What a great find. Orange roses are my fave flowers, you're right about saying it with flowers. I have only had them twice and both times they were to say sorry, so that has put a dampner on recieving them. I need a bunch for a good thing! xxx

  3. You look so cute in this dress, it's got such a lovely pattern too! And those flowers are so beautiful x

  4. I think flowers for good occasions are the way forward, I've never got 'sorry' flowers, just a sorry by itself. I'd quite like some sorry flowers if I'm not getting any otherwise. Hmm. Yeah basically give me flowers and I'm happier!
    I absolutely love this dress, it fits you so perfectly! I definitely need to go charity shopping in London, I'm seriously fed up of the 'vintage' stores and their ridiculous prices.

  5. How cute is your dog?! Haha :0
    I am in love with your boots!


  6. you're so cute! how well does that dress fit you - its like it was made for you! beautiful outfit x

  7. you look amazing, great swooshing in that dress! And the flowers are lovely, they'd definitely put a smile on my face <3 xx

  8. It's official, flowers do make your outfit posts look 1000x better!! LOVE the dress too Mona. You cutie.x

  9. Gorgeous outfit, esp love the pooch accessory ;) x

  10. The vintage dress is as cute as you are. You have perfectly matched it with brown boots.

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  11. OMG I love this outfit, it's so cool and cute. Love the flower head dress and the boots xxx


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Mona x

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