Friday, 17 August 2012

Howdy Cool Cats,

So some sad news from Planet Mona - Tom and I broke up yesterday. This is obviously not very nice at all, and I know that you're a wonderfully kind and loyal bunch, but don't worry about me, kids. I'll be ok. I had a really wonderful time while it lasted, and I'm so glad I got to experience such wild and uncharacteristic happiness, even if it was only for a little while. 

I thought I'd be really miserable and mopey for quite some time. I was actually weirdly excited about it (it always looks a little bit fun in a ridiculously self-indulgent way in the movies). I only lasted about forty-five minutes before deciding to grow up, get out of bed, wash my face and stop self-pitying. Because life goes on, doesn't it? And it turns out that moping isn't actually very fun at all.

I'll tell you what is fun though...

... Rollercoasters.

In a heroic effort to keep my spirits up, my wonderful flatmate Eve and my family and friends decided that a day off work was in order, and a trip to Thorpe Park was just what the doctor called for.

How right they were. My little brother won us this sheep - he's called Hamish, and Eve and I are trying to decide whose room he gets to live in (the sheep, not the brother).

The day became wonderfully hot, leaving me seriously glad that I impulse-bought this little fan from Muji last week...

Hamish seemed quite glad of it too, to tell the truth.

All in all a wonderful day, filled with junk food, adrenaline rushes, and screeching with maniacal laughter (which is what I always seem to do on rides).

I wear: Necklace - Links of London; Playsuit - Urban Outfitters; Sandals - Topshop. Eve wears: Dress - Mango; Plimsoles - H&M

I feel very blessed to have such wonderfully caring people around me. I'm a lucky, lucky lady.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be okay.

I plan to be far less neglectful to the blog, now, too. The reason I've been somewhat absent is that I've been between homes, and have hence frequently found myself separated from my laptop (oh, the horrors!). But I should be totally settled in a couple of weeks, and blogging is shooting up my priority list once again.

Lots of love, and a happy weekend to you all.



  1. Oh Mona, I wish you were my real life friend! I remember breaking up with my first boyfriend (I was 18 and we'd been together 3 years, so I'm not talking aged 12 or anything here before you worry) I spent months and months dancing and drinking with my friends and as weird as it would have sounded if I'd said it to myself just after the break up, I had the time of my life. Not joking.

    What I'm saying is, good on you for staying happy, keep up the good work you gorgeous thing (maybe give that bloke from the kooks a visit?) x

  2. Dear Mona,

    so sorry you and your bf broke up....always so hard afterwards.

    cue the ben and jerrys, bridget jones and alanis morrisettes- jagged little pill album and soon your heart will mend again.

    thorpe and rollercoasters is a genius idea!!

    hope you're ok lovely!

    sending u lots of love

    Rebecca xxxxx


  3. I'm sorry to hear that Mona :( It's always super hard. Breakups suck! Sounds like you have a great support system in place though, which makes things a hundred times better. I agree with Charlotte, the Kooks boy definitely needs some more cupcakes xxx

  4. Oh Mona :( I'm pretty sure break ups can never be easy, though well done you for picking yourself straight back up! And I'm sure Hamish would make a much better bf anyway ;) looks like you had an amazing time at Thorpe Park, I really want to go someday soon! And may I say you look very dashing in that playsuit :)

    Pip x

  5. Break ups are utter poop :( but you seem to have such a positive energy about you, that you'll be fine in no time! :D


  6. Oh I do hope you're ok, you sound like you have the most amazing mind set, I'm very impressed. Your friends and family sound like a great bunch, you must be so glad you have them. That sheep is simply amazing. If you can't decide which room he's in, he's more than welcome in mine xxx

  7. Your mindset is seriously awesome :) I would have stayed in bed all day I think. By the way, I'm loving Hamish! :D

  8. I'm in the middle of packing again, going to the countryside of Austria, driving to my grandparents' farm, I had to check your blog before I check my mails (don't ask me why, it was a feeling that you wrote sth important, I guess?) ... I hope you feel better and I'm sorry that it didn't last, but when one door closes, another one - will be thrown in your face? - na, opens!
    Your brother and hamish look so cute together. They should try a photoshoot ;)

    I wish you all the best to find some time for yourself, to have a "main home" to go to and may all your friends around you put you on rollercoasters once in a while - because you look so freakin happy on it! kisses from Vienna!

    1. wah I wrote with my wrong google account, but you know my real one anyway, i hope :)

  9. aw, I'm so sorry to hear. But I totally respect you for not getting too upset over it. yes, life goes on! xxx


  10. To all the people who commented about Mona visiting the guy from The Kooks (his name's Luke btw) he is Monas xboyfriend best friend so..

  11. True story. Would be kinda awkward---

  12. 'When nothing is certain, anything is possible'...

  13. I'm glad you are keeping a positive head on you :) If it was meant to be it will happen <3


  14. Hey there Mona. I'm Sorry to hear about the Tom news...breakups are just never great. But they are a part of life and it seems like you're dealing with it really well. Awesome friends and family (and Hamish!)definitely make you realise quicker that everything is going to be more than ok, and they'll always be there for a hug and a cup of tea/cocktail when you're not feeling so chipper. Big hug! x

  15. Ahhhh sorry to hear that sweetie! As I said the other day, I'm always an email behind! Feels GREAT when you finally get up and over it all doesn't it? You'll be fine :) I HATE roller coasters. Made me feel a little giddy reading about your fun filled day but either way I'm glad you had a fab day!
    Ashleigh x


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