Thursday, 12 July 2012

Howdy Cool Cats,

For a little while I've been feeling a little bit "meh". A combination of not enough play, too much work, and a total lack of substantial sunshine have left me with the blues. In light of this situation, I decided that there was only one course of action.
Basically I'm just sick to death of the sodding rain.
My good friend B and I are currently waiting for our train at the Channel Tunnel. I've taken a whole four days (!) off of work, and we have absolutely no destination in mind. Using some sneaky 3G on his iPad, we plan to search each morning for the most desirable location and weather combination, and hit the road, cross-referencing with the Michelin Restaurant Guide to ensure that we hit ace locations.

B is driving, and has packed nothing. I am d-jing (I really must pass my driving test soon) and have literally brought my whole wardrobe. The glorious thing about a road trip is that there's no baggage allowance. Now that's what I call a holiday! 

Here's a snap of the two of us. The reason for the horribly offensive yellow wall (the terminal is covered in white walls, what kind of fashion blogger am I?!) is that we are in the kid's play area. Wifi signal is really strong here, and to boot, they're playing Kung Fu Panda on the TV. Now that's what I call multitasking. 

Beanie - ASOS; Jacket - Topshop; Scarf - Vintage via Blue Rinse; Rucksack - Topshop; Leggings - Zara; Plimsoles - Converse
The plan is to eat cheese, drink wine, and swim in lakes. I am doing a little jig I'm so excited.

Au Reviour, mon petite pois!*


*Also, that is basically all the French I know. Any handy phrases would be most gratefully received.


  1. I hope you have a great trip wherever you end up :) xx

  2. Sounds fabulous! What an amazing idea! xx


  3. Oh wow, this sounds amazing - hope you have an awesome time :D ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  4. Wow this sounds so exciting and fun!

    I laughed at your petit pois, haha


  5. Such a good idea! Have an amazing time....and bring back the sun!

  6. Oh my god, I wish I could do this! Such a good idea, very jealous :) have an amazing time full of adventures

  7. That sounds like so much fun, have a great time! Love that top pic :)

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  8. sounds like quite the exciting trip, have fun <3 the terminal looks much more exciting than for instance the ferry terminal in Caen, which is the most depressing place on earth. Just ask for lots of "le meilleur vin rouge s'il vous plait". x

  9. Oh I wish I had someone to just go on a spontaneous trip with. I bet you have an awesome time & make sure you take lots of photos! ♥

  10. Very jealous....sounds like serious fun! Enjoy, and hope you find some sunshine!

  11. this is what life is all about, isnt it?

  12. I wish you a wonderful trip, sweetpea! you so deserve it!

  13. This sounds absolutely amazing! I wish I had someone who would be that spontaneous with me! I can't wait to hear all about it! Enjoy :) xx



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