Monday, 2 July 2012

After the initial highs and lows of early dating, you come to a very cool little place. It's five months since I found the boy in a bar in Leeds, and it is with utmost relief that I say that it seems to be the case that the games are over. The pressure's off. I don't have to be "on it" when we're together. I can be sad. I can be mad. I can turn up at his house after a shift at work, sticky and smelly and covered in ale (bar-work is so glamourous!), and tired to the point of exhaustion, and just have a snuggle and a sleep. 

The mystery's gone, but the excitement's still there, which is perfect. I've stopped seeing the boy as an adversary in the game of Getting What You Want, I've stopped thinking to myself "I win!" when I get my way, and I've stopped worrying if a text goes unanswered. It doesn't mean he's not interested, it's just that he's a bit useless. No worries, I'll just call him. Look at me, being all zen! 

Instead, I've found myself a sound-board for my madder ideas; a chaperone if I want to go out and shake my tail-feathers; someone who can always make me laugh, and who seems to find me equally entertaining. It's quite lovely, all in all. 

Those embarrassing little things that I told you about? The moments that made me want to curl up and die, because I so wanted to impress him, but coudn't help revealing my true nature (ungainly and totally lacking in grace, FYI)? Yeah, they still happen. They happen a lot. But it doesn't matter. 

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After the initial highs and lows of early dating, you come to a very cool little place. It's been five months since I found the boy in a bar in Leeds, and it's with upmost relief that I say...

... I'm finally comfortable. And that's just ace. 

Sorry for being all soppy. Normal services will resume soon, I promise. 



  1. Totally agree with you, I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years and it's nice that I can be completely myself around him, I don't have to dress up or put make up on or anything, it's wonderful :)
    I don't like the early stages of relationships where you constantly worry about what they think of you!

  2. So cute :) glad it's going well for you!

  3. What a sweet little post! I've been with my boyfriend for coming up a year now and I think that feeling has slowly creeped up on me without realising it!
    I loved the wonders of dating but having someone there at the end of the day is just as lovely.
    I'm glad you've found someone who makes you so happy :-)

    Lucy x

  4. What a lovely Summer breeze whirling on your blog <3 I'm feeling so happy for you just while reading your lines! That's one of the best parts to be in, I think, when you can let down your masks and be your truly self. Great!

  5. This is such a lovely post! I'm so pleased you're so happy because you deserve someone wonderful! xxx

  6. Yayayaay I'm glad it is going so well! The comfy place is the best, when you can laugh, vent and cry all in one evening and have a best friend and someone to fall asleep with. I'm glad you're happy :) xxxx

  7. Lovely post (I then went and read all the ones you'd linked - also great) I'm glad you're feeling good about it :) and don't panic I am officially set to be single for the rest of my days so don't feel you need to resume the position of village spinster - I've got it covered!



  8. Aaah I love that feeling :-)
    Happy that you're happy!

  9. Good for you! It's a wonderful place to be...when comfortable doesn't mean safe and boring, but successful and significant. Enjoy it! x

  10. This post is adorable and it's great that you're so happy! xx

  11. Aww that's awesome news :)

  12. I felt just like this after 5 months with my boy...4 1/2 years later & still going..'it could be you' *said in a cinema man's voice* ;) haha

    I just wanted to say, I have quite a lot of love for this post lady.x

  13. That's fantastic :) I loved this post, thanks for sharing, i'm totally embracing the soppiness! Enjoy enjoy enjoy xx

  14. My boyfriend saw the picture and laughed because we are never normal around each other. I am glad it is going well for you!



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