Sunday, 15 July 2012


A perfect day in the mountains; I was so in love with last night's hotel, that B had a hard time convincing me to leave this morning. However, he eventually managed to persuade me that road-tripping was all about finding new adventures every day, and so after a dip in the infinity pool and a gushing thanks in rather shoddy French to the family who owned the hotel (full review to come soon), we packed up the car and took it in turns to make 'executive decisions' about which turnings to take. This soon brought us to a little roadside farmers market, which had everything needed for the makings of a perfect picnic.

As B is the stronger French speaker, I left him in charge of the essentials, (cheese, bread, and meats), while I wandered off in search of slightly more frivolous items; a perfectly ripe mango, some wonderful peaches and a bottle of apricot nectar (if ever offered the stuff, just say yes).

Hat - Topshop; Sunglasses - ASOS; Dress - Vintage via Notting Hill Buy Sell Exchange; Handbag - Vida Vida

Back in the car and a hop, skip and a jump took us to a reasonably secluded spot on the nearest river.

Truly a feast fit for a King - After having had real soft goat's cheese with fresh herbs, I don't know how I'll survive off of Boursin when back in the UK. 

After waiting the obligatory half an hour after eating (safety first, kids!), we took a refreshing dip (I dipped; B front-flipped) in the river, careful to avoid the occassional kayaker who passed us.

Bikini Top and Bottoms - Topshop

This is how the rest of the day was spent, interjected with the odd bit of sunbathing on the bank. 

When the sun went in, we returned to the car, and after cheekily consulting the Michelin guide, managed to find a little hotel overlooking a town square in a little village. Exhausted from all the swimming and stuffed full of cheese, we collapsed into our beds, where I am writing to you from now.

Tomorrow poor B has the unenviable task of driving the nine hours back to Calais. If you can think of any seriously banging driving tunes to keep his spirits up, well then, you know what to do.

Night night everyone,



  1. It looks idyllic - I'm so jealous! The only swimming I'll be doing back in Britain is if it floods my garden again! :(

  2. Everyday I get a little more jealous...such an incredible idea, looks amazing

  3. That stretch of river really reminds me of somewhere in France I visited in school, we all went swimming in the river! Your picnic looks incredible too, I love food abroad, even if its similar to what we can get back here, it all seems ten times more exciting because it's authentic! I want to go on holiday nowwww! x

  4. So, so idyllic! It was sunny here yesterday when we walked past the open air pool, but it was nowhere near warm enough to sit about in a bikini!

    And you can certainly find good goats cheese in London! We had some amazing stuff last weekend from a French market..... although it's never quite the same as eating it picnic style on holiday!


    Oh and my friend swears by the first Boys Noize album for driving. Good luck. x

  6. Love your outfit! It looks gorgeous wherever you are :) xx

  7. Gaaaaaaah, holiday vibes are crowding my screen! 8) You two look amazingly relaxed and happy! Wish I could do a roadtrip myself right now. Jealous! ;)

  8. You look like you're having such an amazing time! That's such a beautiful place. I hope you survive the 9hr drive, I would recommend music but apparently I have awful taste! xxx

  9. awesome pictures!! ive just found your blog, you are such a great writer, and so funny! i admire you honesty too xx


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