Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hello Creatures,

Yesterday, whilst browsing Company Magazine on the train, I came across a fantastic pair of A-Morir Floral Sunnies. It was love at first sight. 

Sadly, however, I lack the £255 required to own the beauties, so this morning I popped my DIY cap on and went mad...

Here was the result, modelled by the beautiful Fran. 

Isn't she just a peach?
If you, too, would like some crazy sunglasses, then you will need:

Cheap round sunglasses: £2.99
Superglue: £3.99
Fake Flowers: £4.39 (I picked mine up from a cake decoration shop, but arts-and-craft shops and haberdasheries are also a good bet. 

Total Cost: £11.37

Hints and Tips:

Apply the glue to the frame of the glasses, not the flowers, for better sticking power.

Don't put the sunglasses on before the glue dries... The superglue fumes will STING YOUR EYES.

Here's the finished result!

What do you think?



  1. They are super cute! Love them :) xo

  2. You are too cute. *dies*

  3. such a great DIY, I think I may definitely actually have to do this.. :)

  4. Amazing! I also fell in love with the company ones, but I was heartbroken by the price... yours have turned out beautifully! xx

  5. So cute, such a good idea!

  6. Love them!! Who needs the £255, they look great =)

  7. LOVE! I've seen a similar DIY but I prefer yours! You look adorable!

  8. Such an awesome idea! Deffo going to try this out x

  9. This is an amazing D.I.Y Mona! I may have to make some as soon as possible because they are ever so cute! xx

  10. Lovely post! Fantastic blog!

    Emma x

  11. gawd, you look like beyonce with those big glasses! :D If I wasn't so afraid of sticking my fingers together with the glue (happened to me some years agok - TRAUMA!), I'd definitely copy that diy!

  12. I love these! They're so cute, better than the real deal I'd say! xxx

  13. These are super cute! I love your D.I.Y projects :)
    These were a bargain to make compared to the price of the designer ones, love it!

  14. These rocked my face off. Almost literally. BUT I'm also 100% sure that they look better on you than on me. So, I'll admire from a distance. :)

  15. Gorgeous idea! You look amazing in them! (I cannot wear large round sunnies as they rather swallow my face, so very envious!)

  16. These are really cool, I saw them too and thought they were perfect for festival season x

  17. "Don't put the sunglasses on before the glue dries... The superglue fumes will STING YOUR EYES."

    Haha, love it! :D

    The worlds your oyster! Can stick anything around sunglasses now! Tinsel for Christmas maybe? Haha! x x

  18. And yes, we have technically have no sun in December. But think about it... we are wearing summery clothes in this wintery weather. This makes me all the more determined to be summery in winter for the hell of it. Season swap! x x

  19. amazing! absoluetly love this DIY, thank you :) I read that issue of company too and remember seeing these! x

  20. Das ist ja echt eine tolle Idee. Großartig :-)


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