Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Granny-Child strikes back! I'm sorry that my posts have been so few and far between, I've relocated to London for the summer, and it's been a bit mad trying to fit everything in... I've got to dash to work in a bit, so today is just a quick outfit post, but tomorrow is my day off, so you can expect a really long post, telling you all about everything.

Today my fringe was behaving monstrously (the fringe and I are most definitely not pals at the moment), so I went for some classic misdirection and popped my Crown and Glory bandeau onto my head...

Also, I actually put on lipstick today! The shade is "A Perfect Day" by MAC. Talk about personal growth!
I paired it with a very old Kimchi Blue dress, my favourite frilly socks, and my trusty Russell and Bromley loafers. The builders outside my flat told me that I look "like a mental person". I suppose that they were bound to find out sooner or later though, hey? 

Bandeau - Crown and Glory; Dress - Kimchi Blue; Bag - Olive Archer; Frilly Ankle Socks - ASOS;
Loafers - Russell and Bromley
Ankle socks seem to be an extremely successful man-repellant; they can take the shortest dress in the World, and totally de-sex it. Which is, in my humble opinion, perfect. And that is how I justify owning six pairs. 

Anyway; the oven is beeping, the brownies are done, time to take them into the pub where I work... Yes, you heard it here first! People are now buying my cakes! I get paid to bake! 

I think it's going to be a grande olde summer!


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  1. Eek, you always look lovely!
    And I totally get what you mean about ankle socks, I love how childish they make me feel too, ha!
    I SO badly want a bandeau after seeing it on you, you look stunning!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your job, and baking, it sound's perfect for you, your instagram pictures always make me so hungry!

  2. Yaaaay for another outfit post. Damn, these socks are cute! :) And that dress! Beautiful! :)
    Sounds like a perfect Summer, baking & being PAID for it, hurray! I wish I could visit you, but as it seems, I guess I'm stuck in hot'n'sweaty Vienna (36degrees outside and I gotta study, oh, where o where are the icecubesssss?)
    (P.S.: I'm back to blogging!)

  3. you look so cute with the flowers, love your look <3

  4. Builders are always just so charming. I personally think that you look adorable and completely agree with your ankle sock theory...anything can be de-sluttified with ankle socks. Well done on the job front; I don't think I know of anyone who doesn't want to bake for a living so you are on the right course! I want to try some of these brownies you speak of though please.
    Dannii xx

  5. Urgh, comments from builders are the worst! I do not appreciate big burly blokes commenting on my fashion sense... especially when a man shouted 'SLUT!!!' out of a white van at me while I was walking to a lecture wearing jeans, a jumper, a leather jacket, trainers and a beret. Straaaange.
    If you do look like a mental person, you look like a lovely mental person! Congrats on selling your baking, that's awesome :)

  6. I love your flower crown - very cute!

  7. Well I think you look amazing - even if the guys in hard hats with smelly breath disagree. And to be honest, we all know my opinion counts for waaaay more than theirs! This outfit is so amazing, I love your Crown and Glory bandeau, I've been wanting one of their floral crowns for ages!

    Pip x

  8. love this oufit mona! totally adorable! my fringe and I are having a similar situation right now. I want to grow it out but it has other ideas! floral crown is cute cute cute!

    happy your posting again! love your posts!

    xx rebecca!


  9. Don't listen to the builders! You look adorable.

  10. I think the ankle socks and loafers are adorable! I'd never considered that the de-sex an outfit but that's win win haha!

  11. I love ankle socks with shoes and the way they can completely de-sex an outfit haha! That flower crown suits you to a tee, missy! I really think you should permanently live in it ♥

  12. Aaah the floral crown is so nice! Ankle socks with every outfit, yesyes!

    L x

  13. I love your floral crown, and the whole outfit it just lovely! Newest follower :)

  14. cute dress.the frilly whie socks
    and loafers are so adorable


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