Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

A very basic outfit today (pretty dress and granny shoes), so much so that I wasn't sure it was even worth posting... It's not even green! But I accidentally left the flash on my camera, and the results made me chuckle, so i figured they were worth sharing with you.
Dress - Urban Outfitters; Kneebrace - Elastoplast
Shoes - Russell and Bromley
As you can see, my kneebrace straps have high-vis tags on the ends, and with flash photography they shine through my tights. It looks like it's going to be on for a while too, shining iridescent through my 100 Derniers and highlighting to the world the fact that I am, in fact, a cripple. My kneebrace means that I have to hop/hobble instead of actually walking, and it seriously cramps my (already highly questionable) style on the dance floor. If I wear dresses or skirts, it is glaringly obvious - if I wear trousers, it looks like I just have  a really fat knee. I should invest in some more maxis. 

Kneebrace, you are not my pal. Knee, please get better soon, and you and I shall run, and jump, and dance badly together, and revel in your emancipation from Kneebrace. And it shall be a wondrous occasion.



  1. pretty dress :) x


  2. Aww no, I hope your knee gets better soon! You poor thing! Still managing to look smiley and stunning though!

    Leigh xx

    1. Thank you, that's so sweet. It's fine really, I'm just being a drama queen! X

  3. Replies
    1. I'm just a sexy woman, Charlotte. Duh. X

  4. such a pretty dress! I've just stumbled across your blog, I love it, you're so funny! :) x


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