Thursday, 8 March 2012

... I did it again. I cut my own fringe. I didn't want to, but everyone else refused on the grounds that it was just too much pressure. And I can't find a hairdresser in Manchester who will just trim a fringe, without charging me for a full-on haircut. Which seems a bit mean, but there you have it. 

I thought that, this time, I'd done quite a good job. It's only a little bit wonky, and it isn't mega short, so I thought I was on to a good thing this time. So much so, that I considered cutting the rest of my hair, as I am clearly so skilled in the hairdressing department.

Not bad, right?
Then I noticed that I'd cut off quite a substantial amount of my eyebrow.


Also, please excuse the big red line on my forehead. I may or may not have walked into my wardrobe door this morning.
Ok, fine, I did it.
So I suppose it's lucky that I have a fringe, to hide my one-and-a-half eyebrows, which I got... from cutting my fringe. Deep thoughts, hey? I'll have to discuss this with my flatmates (they both study philosophy). 

Back to the drawing board on how to keep my fringe in check, then. 

And thank the Lord for Barbara Daly eyebrow pencil in Dark. 

Any Manchester-based people know any hairdressers who offer cut-prices for just-the-fringe? Or anyone else, any tip-top methods on how to do your own, without giving yourself a permanently surprised expression? Please help me, I do desperately want to be an attractive, cool girl, with a normal fringe and a matching pair of eyebrows, but my bank-balance and cack-handedness with the scissors simply won't allow it.



  1. Bless you! I cut my fringe myself pretty much 9 times out of 10 because I am always too poor for a full on hair cut (in fact I can't remember my last hair cut...). I epitomise lazy though, as down here in the South most hairdressers I've been to do free fringe trims.

    The only thing I'd suggest about cutting your own fringe is to wet it, brush with a comb and use sharp small scissors (I actually use some fancy nail scissors for mine...). I go for a 'messy' and 'choppy' look because it's the best way to excuse any mistakes.

  2. It isn't half as bad as ur making out except I laughed a bit at the eyebrow thing,go ob youtube iv found videos there before xx

  3. haha, you are funny Mona.

    I cut my own fringe alot.. but I went for one of those side sweep fringes so that no-one will notice if its wonky. I recommend it, seriously, even when I cute out massive chunks of hair it somehow goes unnoticed ;) I've even had people COMPLIMENT my handiwork, which is utter madness since once I pretty much stabbed myself in the head with the scissors because I decided to cut my fringe whilst watching a horror film..


  4. That's really good. :) I cut my fringe all the time and I like it better than when hairdresser does it. O_o

  5. If it comes to scissors, I have to left hands. I'd make a beatles cut if you give me your scissors, just put a kettle on your head and I'd cut around the edge :D unfortunately I don't know anything about Manchester's hairdressers, but I'm sure there must be cheap ones?!

  6. the fringe looks good on you! (: and your eye brow will grow again hehe :D



  7. Oh I have done the same thing so many times! I actually think your fringe looks totally fine, and the eyebrow unnoticable!
    I simply cannot cut my own fringe, it is SO tricky. I always get it too short or too blunt or too wonky!
    I always ask my mum do it. I did once let her do it after a glass of wine though. Big mistake that one.


  8. so lovely haircut:) you look wonderful:)
    please visit me in free time:)


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