Saturday, 3 March 2012

March is such a tease. After what seems like the longest winter of my life, the first two days of March were absolutely glorious, to the extent that I was able to take off my coat, scarf, and cardie, and let my pasty arms soak up the weak Spring rays in the park. I knew it wouldn't last, I knew it was too good to be too. And yet somehow, I let myself believe, once again, that it was over for another year. So you can imagine my displeasure to wake up today to cold and rain...

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of winter. But it's gotten to the stage where I'm sick of coats, and gloves, and wooly hats, and all I want to wear is a flirty little summer dress, and some sandals. I want to do my studying lying in the park on a picnic rug. I want a genuine excuse to wear sunglasses (I always feel a bit silly wearing them when it's not actually hot, regardless of how sunny it may be)!

I really, really want this:
Image from weheartit
All of it - the dress, the picnic, and yes, the man. It's weird because normally I'm not a fan of PDA (I totally spazzed out last week when the boy tried to kiss me in public), but put me on a picnic rug, in a full-skirted dress, in the sunshine, and all of my inhibitions leave me. Does anyone else get that?

I don't think I've ever longed for a change in season so much. Please hurry up, Spring, there's only so much more rain I can take.

Longing for Summer,



  1. I can't wait for summer either. It's Spring and I'm still wearing a big woolly hat! Aaaarrgh! What's happening?!x

  2. Looks like the perfect scene to me! Can't bloody wait til summer now. I wanna wear pretty dresses and sandals again!

  3. Damn it, that picture is what my secret dreams are made of (although these days I always tell myself that there's just no space for really falling in love .. as if!) :)

    Yesterday we had a really lovely warm (17 degrees!) day in Vienna, I sat in a park with friends studying. Let's hope those warm days will come more often. I'm a 'Summer girl' anyway, can't wait 'til I can run around in sandals and sunglasses again!

  4. That picture is so lovely, it's making me looking forward to summer!
    I can't wait for summer dresses, with socks, studying on a picnic! Your image of summer is my perfect one too!
    Love Charlestown xoxo.

  5. Oh no! The weather on the South Coast has been glorious today as well, so hopefully it'll be warm for you soon too!

    Leigh xx

  6. Ooooo public PDA from the boy?? Update and a half! Sounds like yours is going well! I'm seeing Monsieur tomorrow and don't expect anything to happen *boo!* I can't wait for the change in season too! Hurrrrry! x x

  7. You're so right! This scene is perfection! xx


  8. I love that picnic scene too!

  9. Oooh i definitely want this too.. it looks so relaxing. I could do with a relaxing picnic

    Also, you mentioned a kiss.. I take it things are going well ;)

    Charlotte xx

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