Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Confession - since last summer I've been becoming increasingly obsessed with slightly ugly knitwear. I've started assembling a collection of what my brothers refer to as "Man Repellers", my neighbour calls my "grandma clothes", and which makes my flatmate shriek "WHY can't you just buy NICE jumpers that I can BORROW?"

But I don't care. I love them. I just love them. And I'm proud to say that I almost have enough ugly jumpers now that I can wear them every day of the week. Living the dream.

Here are three of my favourite Man Repellers:

All Urban Outfittters

I love them so much, I've just started knitting my own Man Repeller. It's going quite well... I have a back, and half a front. I'm getting quite speedy at this knitting thing now. Which is lucky, as I have to keep out that February chill somehow.

I think I'm going to attempt patterns next time!



  1. Actually... they're not ugly :D
    Love the last one!^^
    It's great that you like something and you're not afraid to show it!^^ You go, girl!<3

  2. Haha no I don't think they are ugly at all! I actually really like the first one <3

  3. Ugly knitwear is such a win.

  4. These aren't that bad!! You should see some of the truly horrible ones that my uncle dug out for giveaways. Huge awful oversized musty smelling 90s knitwear. :P


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