Wednesday, 29 February 2012

As I'm sure you're all aware, today is the 29th February. As you probably all know, it is traditionally acceptable to propose to your beau today. However, it is a shockingly little known fact that if the object of your affections turns you down, he has to buy you a gift (originally an expensive silk dress). 

As Valentine's Day was so massively bum-out for me this year, I am taking this day as my consolation prize. This is what I plan on doing to every unfortunate male acquaintance who is unlucky enough to cross my path today...

A foolproof plan, no? 

Any of you crazy cats planning on trying something similar? Better yet, any real proposals taking place? Keep me in the loop, please!

In other news, I'm heading down to London tonight to attend a fah-bulous party (I wish I was one of those rare girls who could say fabulous without sounding like an idiot), so - spoilers alert - expect a pretty fancy-pants outfit post tomorrow.

Go forth, get lots of presents, and prosper.



  1. this made me laugh! I never knew about that tradition, now i'm sort of tempted to go and propose purely for the present. I'll do it standing in bond street for easy access to present material...

  2. Good plan! I'll be outside Dolce and Gabanna, trying to make some poor sod buy me their tortoiseshell and rose gold sunglasses...

  3. I had no idea you would get gifts if they turned you down.. I'm so asking everyone to marry me today! (Preferably in the Mulberry aisle at John Lewis)

  4. I'm so bummed we don't have this tradition! I could potentially get many gifts if I followed your plan! :D


  5. Totally inspired! Hope your cunning plan worked.

  6. I thought they had to give you twelve pairs of gloves?!x

  7. haha! what a fabulous tradition, I think I'd kinda be hoping people would turn me down! I'd prefer the expensive gift :) x


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