Monday, 27 February 2012

It occured to me today that I've never shown you me with my glasses (i.e. nerded up). I figured I should stop being so vain and show off the bad boys. 

Glasses are a funny business - although I really like mine, at the same time they do make me feel quite self-conscious. This is possibly due to the years of 2001-2002, when I was fat, bespectacled, and had to wear head-gear all day and all night, due to a cruel experiment by my dentist parents. I was teased quite mercilessly. However, now that I have slightly more flattering frames and magic, secret braces that are behind my teeth, I figure there's no harm in it. 

I mentioned in my New Year's post that one of my resolutions was to get contacts, or actually wear my glasses, and stop bumping into everyone/thing that I come into contact with. I can now proudly tell you that I have contacts, and wear my glasses (but not at the same time). Aren't I good?

If I could, I would have as many pairs of glasses as shoes. I currently have two pairs, and a huge hankering for a enormous owly grey pair, which are a steal at £40 from the Student Union Opticians.  

Jean Lafont

So there you have it. Four-Eyes, and proud(ish).

At least Four-Eyes is better than Brace-Face, right?


P.S. Sorry for such a lazy-bum post. Bigger and better to come soon - promise.


  1. Aw, they suit you! I wear glasses too so I get the self conscious thing.. unfortunately I just really didn't like contacts, they made my eyes really dry :(

    Also, your parents are cruel! x

  2. I love the second pair they suit you! I think some people look lovely wearing glasses, I on the other hand would like like such a geek! But I love them on other people x

  3. Aw, the second pair look lovely on you! I wish glasses suited me. They just show that my eyes are really close together (shh!) xx

  4. Those who wear glasses are awesome!


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