Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day two of skiing.

Bears spotted: 0
Face Plants: 1
Old Injuries Making a Comeback: 1

Last year, whilst living in Beijing, I was hit by a van and knocked off my bike. No biggy at the time, but left my knee a bit dodgy, and it has decided it does not like skiing one bit. I, however, do not care. My knee can bitch and whine all it wants from next week onwards, but this holiday it will COOPERATE, damn it. The plan is ibruprofen gel, a knee brace, cold compresses, and also manning up and just getting on with it. 

Having said that, knee braces are a fantastic way to destroy the line of a really nice pair of trousers. This is what I wore to spend the evening in Whistler Village (which is beautiful, by the way). 

Beret - Gift; Scarf - ?; Leather Jacket - Zara; Quilted Jacket- Topman (via Oxfam); Top - Thrifted; Shearling Gloves - UO; Trousers - UO; Boots - Kurt Geiger
Excuse my super-dopy expression. Let's blame it on the pain-killers. Excuse too, the bright red lip, if you will. In the pharmacy picking up ice packs earlier, I discovered a Cover Girl make-up stand. Being the ANTM whore that I am, I had to try something, and so have been walking around with crazy bright lips all evening. I'll say one thing for their lip stain - it's effective. Finally, excuse my GIANT KNEE. Combination of bad pose for hiding said knee, and huge knee brace...

It's kind of making me walk like a pirate (which I may dig a little, to be honest...).

I really hope this doesn't sound whiney. I'm having a fantastic holiday; the experience has just been improved even more, for in the supermarket out here, I discovered Lucky Charms, Big Red chewing gum and Arizona iced tea. Heaven! 



  1. Aww, I hope your knee gets better (well, bareable)! I have 'knee issues' as well - though not because I got hit by a van in Beijing whilst riding a bike. No, I was in Berlin when I got hit by a van whilst riding a bike. Kidding (obviously). But at least you have an amazing outfit to wear! And embrace the feeling sorry for yourself, it means you don't feel quite as guilty when you stuff your face - I should know!

    Pip x


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