Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day three brought me no bears (still hibernating, lazy sods), a pretty nasty crash with a snowboarder, but no actual crashes that were my fault. Which hopefully means that I'm improving. It also brought me mild sunburn. Factor 15 doesn't cut the mustard, apparently. To make up for the lack of bears in my life, I bought myself this little fella:

I haven't named him yet, but he's currently living around my neck until I can pop into my jewellers, when he will make a delightful addition to my charm bracelet. 

I smugly thought I'd avoid any singleton angst this Valentine's Day as I am on another continent. But alas, it found me. 

I received one proposition of coupledom that I just did not want, or expect, and which will make life extremely awkward on my return to university (I politely declined, but I don't think that will help that much). 

I didn't hear from the boy I like. This is a funny one, as I'm not big on Valentine's - yes, I'm one of those justifying, slightly bitter singletons - yet it would have been nice to know that he was thinking about me. Which he clearly wasn't; as previously stated, I'm not actually sure if he's interested in me romantically or if he sees me as some cool chick who makes good cupcakes and can give him a run for his money on FIFA. 

I'm in a refusing to settle mood with boys at the moment. I've always had boys who like me despite my ugly jumpers/odd haircuts/love of kigus, mouse ears et al, but I think the next one I would like to like me because of those things. Because that's what makes me, well, me. I can't hide my batshit-crazy side for ever, so I'd better find someone who likes it. 

In the meantime, however, I'm in a beautiful hotel in Canada, with mouse ears, fudgsicles, and Season One of Downton Abbey. So life's actually pretty great, bumbling along, all aloney on my owney. 

I hope that the coupled-up amongst you received cards with wonderful sentiments, beautiful bouquets and lovely gifts. As for the Singletons (my people), any secret admirers appear out of the woodworks? Any romantic brags to be made? I'm in a mood to hear some seriously fuzzy stuff, so feel free to share!

Also, how brilliant are these cards? I'm not too sure how to image source this, it was uploaded to Facebook this morning and has been shared 14,000 times (and counting), so some of you have probably seen them...

The Trotsky one is my absolute fave.



  1. Oh I always like how you write your posts!!
    Great to know you are having a good time in Canada!! And as for valentines, I am one of your people and I have just NO story to share ;)


    1. Ah, bad luck. Well there are 364 other days in the year for a romance to materialise, so worry not!

      Mona x

  2. Mentioned before that I'm in the same boat as you boy wise. And totes same as you! He contacted me but not in the way I hoped for, haha! He asked if I had a good day in a sort of checking up sort of way. Like did I receive anything from anyone y'know? Just in completely non committal way that boys are so good at...! Argh!

    Hope your return to uni isn't too awkward! Loving your bear charm! x x

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  3. Haha, I actually forgot it was Valentine's day until I checked my blogroll! Shows how romantic my life is. Also single (couldn't you tell?), but I wish I wasn't just so I could get/give one of those cards! I love political references on Valentine's cards!

    Pip x

  4. You said all aloney on my owney! That always reminds me of reading Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging lol (if you have no idea what that is, feel free to ignore me)


All love notes are gratefully received. If you have a burning question, though, it would be better to hit me up with an email.

Mona x

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