Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hey cool cats.

Sadly today my knee was playing up too much to ski. Luckily, I'm staying in a gorgeous hotel so instead I spent the morning stuffing my face with berries, french toast and bacon before relaxing myself into a near-comatose state at the spa. It's a hard life, eh?

This afternoon I donned my Kigu and went zipwiring with my Ma, which was hilarious fun. The Canadians thought we were totally insane, but they were surprisingly adept at keeping out the cold, not to mention comfier than salopettes. Here is the most singularly unflattering picture that I will (hopefully) ever upload onto this blog... 

With a little bit of luck I'll be back on the slopes by tomorrow... In the meantime, there are cinnamon buns from the Hot Buns bakery to be devoured. I am such a pie on holiday.



  1. Wooow! Looks like soo much fuun!^^

  2. That is such a cool picture, looks like such fun! And plus, you get to wear your giraffe onesie!

    Pip x


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