Friday, 17 February 2012

I made it back onto the mountain today! I'm so pleased, and I also managed to get onto my first (and second) blue run (for the non-skiers amongst you, this is actually the second easiest kind, but a huge personal achievement nonetheless). The reason for such a feat of daredevilry on my part was that I'd been receiving rave reviews all around about the Belgian Waffles at Crystal Hut. This is an adorable little log cabin restaurant on Blackcomb Mountain, but is only accessible via blue runs - apparently beginner skiers don't deserve waffles.

Crystal Hut - Image Source

So, I can now class myself as an intermediate skier, and I got to eat this:

So all in all, totally worth facing my own mortality.

Their hot chocolate's pretty good too...

It would appear that this holiday is more about the food than the skiing, wouldn't it? Actually, I just have a total lack of skiing photos to show you, as I'm nowhere near adept enough to handle a camera whilst remaining upright. However, tomorrow is my last full day on the mountain (sob), so I will nag a brother into taking some pictures for you. In case you're at all inclined to see pictures of me looking heinous and flailing around in the snow. There is so much flailing going on...

If you're ever lucky enough to make it over to Whistler, get one of these waffles. Don't think. Just do. 


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  1. You've just made me so hungry! Luckily it's breakfast time! And if you can't have loads and loads (and loads) of delicious food on holiday, then when can you?

    Pip x


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