Thursday, 26 January 2012

Growing up by the beach, I never had any sense of appreciation what a pleasure and a privilege it was being able to pop down for a mooch across the sand whenever I felt like it. That was, until I went to boarding school (lots of countryside, no beach) and then the wider world (lots of cities, no beach). Now whenever  I go home, I make an effort to pop down to the water's edge, and just breathe in that sea air and sigh with contentment. Heaven. 

With that being said, I spent yesterday (between furiously typing ranty blog posts) walking the poor legs off my tiny pooch Baloo. Miss Beeton, my wonderful pal Jake and I did about four miles, on the beach, up a hill, a quick stop into the pub, and then back to the car. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

My dog disagreed, and today on his walk resolutely turned around after ten minutes and insisted on coming home. Lazy shit...

I tried fiddling about with my new camera yesterday... It didn't go very well, luckily Renaissance Man Marc (who made my header), is showing me how it actually works next week. In the meantime, here are some of my classic rubbish snaps (Oh yeah, I know what you like...).

I wear: Hat - Oxfam; Coat - Barbour; Jeans - Topshop; Wellies - All Saints
Miss B wears: Tweed Hoody - Thomas Crown; Jeans - Topshop; Wellies - Hunter

I think we can all agree my photography skills have not increased leaps and bounds simply by purchasing a proper camera. Shame. 

Today was mostly spent studying Chinese, and dying my hands white shorts lavender purple... I really like this whole pastels thing that's meant to be happening when the sun comes out, but my funds prevented me buying too much so I thought I'd DIY it. I'll probably post the results tomorrow (if they're not too embarassing - it was my first dye job!)

Have you ever dyed your own clothes? Any clue on how to get the dye out from under your nails? 


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  1. I know what you mean about growing up near a beach, I take it for granted some times but can't really imagine what it would be like going to university and possibly not being near one!
    Robyn x


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