Monday, 23 January 2012

Exams are finished!!! I'm now embarking on a road trip with Miss Beeton - heading back to the sunny South for a few days, as the new semester doesn't start for a week.

I'm an absolutely awful road trip companion as I keep failing my driving test, so poor Miss B has been left to do all the work. 

Miss Beeton - my chauffer
I have, however, provided water, cigarettes, cupcakes, and a playlist containing more karaoke classics than you can shake a stick at, so I'm not entirely useless...

Silk scarf and sunnies - ASOS; Earrings - UO; Top - H & M
Also, despite the fact that it's January, there's a huge sun in the sky, providing me with the perfect excuse to crack out my new ASOS sunnies. Aren't they wizard? My reasoning is that it would be a huge Health and Safety violation if the sat-nav/iTrip operator's vision became impaired. Or something alone those lines.



  1. Those are some nice sunglasses! And your headband is gorgeous!


  2. nice pictures dear

  3. Beautiful sunglasses though the sky is currently a wonderful shade of grey where I live so I doubt I'll be needing any in the near future! Have fun xx

  4. Very good sunnies. I can't drive either so I'm an awful companion.. plus I always forget the snacks!

    Have fun xxx

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  6. I wish I could drive! The road trip sounds like such a fun idea. I am also loving the sunnies and head scarf combination. It looks so cute. Your blog is lovely definitely going to follow you! If you have time feel free to check out my blog. :)


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