Sunday, 1 January 2012

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Happy New Year, darlings. I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves yesterday? I'd like to tell you that I spent last night smothered in couture and quaffing champagne, but I wouldn't lie to you like that. I spent it dancing my face off to cheesy 80's music, covered in foam, and wearing my Kigu. I think I'm going to end up as one of those cautionary tales you read about on MSN News - "Girls who loved their onesies too much".

Not that I'm complaining. I was surrounded by friends and loved ones, and had lots and lots of fun. And I was very warm on the way home, unlike all the girls who dressed up as those weird, slutty animals in corsets and mouse ears - you may have gotten all the male attention last night, but I don't have hypothermia this morning, so boom, I win!

Traditionally, New Year is a time of reflection and self-improvement, so here goes...

I will always remember 2011 as the year that I:
  • Kept a resolution ALL YEAR (not to leave the house in loungewear i.e. trackies, hoodies etc.).
  • Had my first real encounter of the heart (unsuccessful, but I'd like to think a valuable learning experience).
  • Discovered blogging!
  • Accidentally got all my hair cut off by a Chinese hairdresser / discovered that my Mandarin is not good enough to get a hair cut, resulting in this:


My resolutions for 2012 include:
  • Get contacts and/or wear glasses. Stop stumbling around like a blind kitten, bumping to things.
  • Pass my driving test (fifth time lucky!).
  • Treat studying like a job in term time i.e. 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. 
  • Value family time more - Big Brother has graduated and has a real job now, so the moments when we're all together are rarer and must be cherished.
Are you making resolutions this year? I normally make loads and never follow through with any of them, I'm hoping that blogging will act as an incentive - now I have actually documented my plans publicly, there's more pressure to see them through.

I'd like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2012 is, for all of you wonderful readers, filled with love, health, wealth, success, and most importantly, lots of lovely clothes and shoes. Thank you for all of your encouragement, for following me, and for all of your wonderful comments and emails in 2011. You guys are the best.



  1. Happy New Year! Good luck with all of your resolutions! I think that I should treat studying as a full time job this year too.


  2. Aww happy new year and good luck for your next driving test!

  3. you too babe!
    love thisss! great post!
    love your blog as well dear! so good! keep it up!
    care to check mine out? would be an honour!
    love lottie

  4. Glad you had a fab new year! Good luck with your new resolutions xx

  5. Happy New Year to you !! Your train obvs got you home safely. Cardiff was well worth a visit. In the search for all things vintage, I found a gem of a charity shop, and got an ancient, unused - still with the tag on, original Marks and Sparks man's cardigan in a golfing-type diamond check pattern with leather covered buttons. Now what to wear it with?

  6. Happy new year Mona! Sounds like you had a fab NYE! I personally don't make resolutions, but I like the sound of yours!

  7. Happy new year :) I actually think your hair looks quite cute like that lol x

  8. Happy New Years Mona! Good luck on your resolutions:) I've been thinking about making a list but they never last past one week :S hehe

    Rosie Anna

  9. Hey love, i've loved reading all your posts lately, looks like you've had a great time :)

    Hope you are having a great New Year so far :)



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