Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dear Bloggers,

Although conventional wisdom suggests that in order to have a successful blog, one must always be friendly, cheerful, witty and engaging, today I am choosing to ignore conventional wisdom and air a grievance. A grievance about other Bloggers. 

And not all other Bloggers, just to clarify. The majority of you are genuinely wonderful girls, and if you were ever in Manchester would be top of my list for tea or cocktails. Maybe I'd even bake you a cake! This is only directed at a few Bloggers out there. So here we go.

I know I haven't been blogging for very long. I am by no means an authority on the subject, this is just something that has been pissing me off big-time for quite a while now. I am aware that my blog is not the biggest, shiniest, coolest blog out there. Hell, it's probably not the ten thousandth biggest, shiniest, coolest blog. But that's ok, because it's mine. I made it, I'm proud of it, and I currently have 84 people who give a shit what I have to say, what I've baked, or what I'm wearing. That's pretty darn cool, in my opinion.

What I'm sick of are the comments from bloggers saying things such as:

"Wow! This is such a great blog! Check out mine, and if you follow it I promise to follow yours back!"

I almost consider this spam.

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If you think my blog is so great, then just follow it. I actually already check out everyone who follows me (because I'm nosy) and if I like their blog, I do follow it back, because I want my dashboard to be full of interesting posts that I want to read. I have never followed someone just to get a follow back, and I honestly find it a little insulting when I receive these kind of comments. I like finding new blogs, and if I like yours, you can be sure I will follow it, without having to be asked... And if you have asked, I'm probably a little less inclined to follow it. Because I think that you're rude. 

Don't get me wrong, by all means ask me to take a look, and leave your address. Every blog needs to get itself publicised somehow, I understand that, and we all do it from time to time. I think that's fine as long as you're leaving an insightful comment, which makes it networking, instead of blatant self-publicisation. And if you have followed me, please comment and introduce yourself and your blog, I always appreciate that! 

I understand that we all blog for different reasons. Some people are hoping it will be a means into the journalism or fashion industry. Some people want free stuff. Some people just want as many followers as possible. I, personally, don't care so much about the size of my audience, what matters to me is that they're engaged with me, and I with them. That's what I find rewarding. And if people are following me in some kind of "you-follow-mine, I'll-follow-yours" cheap exchange, I'm pretty sure the only time they would ever return to my blog is if the word GIVEAWAY popped up in their newsfeeds.  

I will not be responding to any more of these kinds of comments.  If you would like to network with me, by all means get in touch, but if the full extent of your contribution is to be "cute blog!" or "great pictures!", then please refrain from commenting on my blog. 

Have any of you had problems with these kind of Bloggers? How did you respond? Independent Fashion Bloggers wrote an interesting article on the matter, which you may find helpful.

I promise there will be a return to mindless chit-chat and pretty pictures, as opposed to horrible rants, soon,



  1. I definitely agree! I completely understand that some people would really like it if a blogger they love would check out their blog and I feel that way too, but the way that some people go about it is just so rude! I know I do and a lot of bloggers always check blogs of new followers and those who leave comments and I'm more likely to if it's an insightful and actually interesting comment. Although I have left a couple 'cute pictures, love your outfit, etc.' comments which aren't always the most 'insightful', they're what I genuinely think and not just so someone will follow me. Sorry for the little ramble, but it really does annoy me too and a lot of other people I know! xx

  2. agree so much with this! urgh so annoying and when people dont even leave a message with it too. wrigfhjfs

    by the way check out my blog? ;)


  3. So agree! Will you check out my blog? Just joking, sorry my love! Anyway, I love your blog, so do not be too annoyed!

    Love you!

    Pip x

  4. I've experienced this a couple of times. I too am naturally nosy when people comment on my blog so I automatically check out other's blogs. I normally end up ignoring these type of comments though, I feel like it's more just about them getting their things out there and less about the community/engaging aspect.

  5. I get quite a few of these. The word "nice!" with 3 or 4 links posted below. I simply delete... I don't care about having another number to add to my comments, I'd rather not help these cheap spammy people get what they want... they can do it the same way as the rest of us and produce quality blog posts and network properly in order to gain exposure!

    Well said, I think bloggers are too afraid to speak up about these things sometimes!

    Dayner x

  6. Arghhh they drive me mad! I get so excited about receiving new comments - as like you, I don't care about numbers, I just want to network and interact with others - but when I open them up and find: "Check out my blog!", "follow me and I'll follow you back" or "I'm having a giveaway!" it puts me in such a foul mood. Also the comments where the person clearly hasn't even bothered to read what you've written. So frustrating! x x

  7. I hate that too. What's even more annoying is that they wait until you follow them first before they'd follow you lol.

  8. I agree, I get so many of those 'follow me and i'll follow you' comments.. leave me a nice comment and I'll check out your blog, if I like it i'll follow

    Those people just get ignored when they contact me xx

  9. Seriously thank you for this post! I hate putting all my energy into a post about something personal and getting one of those replies! well said.

  10. Yeah I TOTALLY agree with this. It seems like a lot of people get into blogging for the numbers, and every comment they're like "follow for a follow back!"

    What is this, tumblr? xP

    I'm starting to think you blog right out of my head!
    Much love.


  11. I was so tempted to just write 'follow me and I'll follow you' here for the LOL's. But I didn't. Instead I will write that this rant is completely justified (I vote for more rants as well as pretty pictures). I find it a bit sad that the bloggers who do this don't want to engage with other bloggers and instead are just blogging for the followers. Yes it's lovely to have followers but only if you've earnt them.

    Dannii xx


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