Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I wanted to do an outfit post today, as I was kinda diggin' what I was wearing. However, as you may have fathomed, I have no camera, no tripod, and no blank background to take photos on at home - my house is a riot of colour. Little brother is also on strike as my iPhone photographer (he knows I want to blog, but "Skyrim takes priority") so I was reduced to using the shameful backup of photography - Photobooth - in the kitchen. 

Here we go...

Headscarf - ASOS; Faux Fur - Joules; Bolero - Banana Republic; Shirt - Topman (thanks Big Bro!); Trousers - Zara

The main event of the outfit is actually the boots - my favourites - which I've had for years. They're from Stuart Weitzman, and they're so perfect and versatile I'm genuinely considering investing in a second pair.

Here are my shameful attempts to show you my booties:

Then I thought they'd probably look better from front on, at which stage the pup decided to get involved.

There is never a peaceful moment in this house. But you can kind of see the boots, so it wasn't a  total fail I suppose. 

Between revision, I whipped up these Slutty Brownies today with a pal, which I'm eating tonight with my three best friends, whilst drinking BBMs and playing board games. Yup, I am The Londoner's biggest fan-girl.

I hope your 2012's have started wonderfully. Apart from the exams looming in the near horizon, everything's going swimmingly for me!



  1. I love your outfit and my brother is exactly the same. I'm getting sick of the word Skyrim by now. I just thought I'd tell you that I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award and all the details are on my blog: :) xx

  2. Great improvisation :)! Sounds like you have a lovely evening planned x

  3. aw your little dog is soooo cute x

  4. aww you look amazing here! and what an adorable pooch! :)


  5. These boots are so pretty (so is your dog) very very creative use of photobooth lol x

  6. Such gorgeous boots! Unfortunately my legs aren't skinny enough to wear boots like that, they wouldn't get half way up lol!

  7. I’ve passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Sorry I've sent it back to you, but I love your blog! :) I love reading your blog, so here’s a little award :) Check out my post about it >> xxx

  8. Hi Mona :) Sorry to comment again, but I have passed the Kreativ Blogger award to you :) Have a look at my blog for the details etc...
    :) xx

  9. Ahhh such sweet photos, you are bloody gorgeous!! Good Luck with the exams sweetie xx


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