Tuesday, 27 December 2011

*This post is best enjoyed with a hot cuppa and something sweet to munch on*

I attended a little Boxing Day tea party yesterday. It was magical. The main attraction was Murzynek, a traditional Polish cake. It was absolutely fantastic. We were also treated to panettone, which was made to order in Milan (my Ma ordered 20, half of the proceeds went to the charity Kids for Kids, and they were enormous, beautifully wrapped, and made amazing gifts), sugar cookies and coconut macaroons. Who says over-indulgence stops after Christmas? Not me. No, indeed. 

Murzynek is an amazing slightly chocolatey cake, best served straight out of the oven... I had two slices - one served with raspberry compote and vanilla ice-cream, and the other with the traditional Polish chocolate glaze. Both were amazing, but if I had to choose again, I'd probably go for the first... Actually, no, I'd just have both. Again. Sorry, waistline.

Yes... Definitely go for both...

If you'd like to try your own hand at making Murzynek, I found a recipe here (I haven't tried it, but have used other recipes from this blog and they were fantastic). If you're feeling lazy, here's a cheeky helping hand from Dr. Oetker - it's ok, I won't tell.

Here's a little outfit snap - my face is super blurry, but my skin is currently enjoying a massive outbreak in protest of my wicked eating habits, so that's ok.

Two-tone jumper - ASOS; Chords - H&M; Brogues - Russell and Bromley

Also, how darling is the tea set? I really need something like this, so I can throw tea parties of my own. The gold leaf detailing is, in my eyes, perfection. Sorry I couldn't get a better picture.

Charm bracelet - gift; Ruby ring - Wendy Mink; Stacked rings - Chanel; Emerald ring - Antique; Silver bracelets - Tiffany; Pearl bracelet - Van Amstel; Watch - UO

My tea set was a gift for my Christening - it looks like this:

image credit

Adorable, but only really suitable for throwing tea parties for wee folk or woodland creatures.

Thank you to Jola for hosting this delectable event; you put my baking skills to shame.

Ladies, don't claim I don't show you the best food porn.

Now, I must away; I'm off for a jolly in the countryside for a few days. Adieu!



  1. wow... looks great!^^

  2. all looked sooo good! and I love the peter rabbit tea set :) so so cute! Enjoy your time in the countryside x

  3. Look like you had a fab time! I LOVE tea parties, I set up a high tea society at uni with a friend, so much fun! :) xx

  4. loooveee teaa! especially earl grey tea...yum

  5. I would love to go to a tea party - such a cute idea! Love your jumper too <3

    Ellen xx

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment :)

    You are beautiful. I love your hair, I wish I had the face to pull off such a style! That tea set is adorable! I used to love Beatrice Potter as as child (and I still do!).

    Lovely blog, you've gained yourself a new follower, darling

    Leigh xx

  7. Love those brownies look so yummy haha x love your blog, just followed!


  8. I love your outfit in this, and your peter rabbit tea set is adorable. Our house was full of Peter Rabbit when I was little because my brother was obsessed with it x

  9. Love the tea set! Great post

    much love from canada,

    northern style exposure



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