Wednesday, 21 December 2011

So you know Crazy Cat Ladies? I think we've all come across one or two in our time... Well, I think I may be becoming a Crazy Bunny Lady.  I've already mentioned Bella, but I didn't tell you that I brought her home to be a companion for my other Lionhead Rabbit, Toby. 

Toby and Bella
Toby doesn't usually look like a fuzzy pig... But Ma tried to give him a haircut, and (evidently) it went a bit amiss.

I'm obsessed. Rabbits are just so darn cute. Despite the fact that everything I own is covered in straw and fur, and my arms are covered in scratches. I still think they are the most wizard pets (apart from my pup).

Here are some outfit snaps... Thank you to littlest brother for taking them, and to big brother for the camera.

By the way, I'm not just outrageously overdressed to sit in the garden crooning over rabbits. I'm going to a carol concert this evening, followed by an evening with a fire, mince pies, mulled wine, and good friends. I saw this dress in H&M recently, and for a steal at £15. I knew it would be mine. There was just something so irresistibly Florence Welch about it. My brother told me it was a "Granny dress." I said, "PUH-LEASE! Granny chic." Bah, some people, eh? 

Hat - H&M (a bazillion years ago); Dress - H&M; Bag - UO; Ring - Wendy Mink  
Biker Jacket - Zara; Snakeskin Bangle - Jimmy Choo; Ankle Boots - Kurt Geiger

How do you wonderful ladies feel about the hat? I found it yesterday in Narnia (i.e. the back of my wardrobe) and though I haven't worn it since I was about sixteen, I thought it was screaming for a come-back.

Thanks for all your comments about Twitter yesterday. If my spies are correct (and they usually are), I'm getting a high-tech, no buttony type phone for Christmas to replace my indestructible, rubber-clad Nokia with a torch on top. So after Christmas will probably be a good time to become a Tweeter/Tweetee/Twit, or whatever you're supposed to call them. 

*Yes, another social platform to stalk well-dressed people and hassle folk with my inane ramblings!*

But seriously, thanks. You girlies are the bestest.

Also, a friend of mine is shooting a music video tomorrow, and he's asked me to be in it! Eep! After various assurances that I won't have to dance, I agreed... So I'll let you all know all about that tomorrow.



  1. I love the dress though I know my brother would be exactly the same if I ever wore something similar, some people will never understand... The hat's amazing too - it really suits you xx

  2. love this outfit!^^ the dress is gorgeous!
    cute bunnies!^^
    I'll follow you!

  3. Aww your rabbits are so cute! I wish I had one!


  4. omg, they are soooo cute. i can see why you're obsessed with them. i would be too!

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    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  5. great post- you look amazing!! :)



  6. Hi there,

    Great blog, really enjoyed it.

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  7. Too cute.. I'm a crazy cat lady, AND a crazy rabbit lady. It's very confusing to be so in love with both x

  8. Your outfit is so cute. so are those rabbits. =)

    check out my blog? I always follow back <3


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