Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sorry for all being so quiet on the blogging front, but, as anticipated, this week has been a nightmare. A nightmare which has mostly consisted of me doing this: 

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It's quite tempting to just forget the whole university thing at times, but (1) I actually, deep down, love my degree, and (2) my skills consist of making cupcakes, licking my elbow and spending way, way too much of my overdraft on shoes.  I am not employable.

It'll all be over for the year tomorrow at 4pm, but tomorrow night I have a date (!) so I have to laugh and smile and act like a normal person, when all I want to do is curl up on the floor and weep from sleep deprivation. However, it is the first one, and that may scare him off a tad. It should make for a good outfit post, though... "What I wear to convince potential beaus that I'm not, in fact, totally mental". My neighbour has banned me from wearing what he dubs my "Granny clothes". Brilliant. 

I'm heading home on Saturday, ready for a month of making mince pies, drinking lots of red wine, playing Monopoly and cuddling with my dog. I may even throw the odd bit of revision into the mix, who knows?

Also, a quick hello and thank you to my new followers! It has brightened my day seeing new faces on my sidebar, and I promise I'll be much more attentive once the term ends...



  1. Aww have fun on your date! Can't wait to see what you wear :)

    And I know how you feel about uni! I was stressed for a while too, just think though, you're nearly done for xmas! :)


  2. Have fun on your date and good luck getting all of your uni work done! I am now following your blog :)



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