Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I saw my hairdresser Sarah yesterday. Sarah is amazing - she listens to what you want, is really speedy, always gives me great hair, comes to the house, and only charges me £10. I want to marry her a little bit. I think my favourite thing about her is that she just gives you a simple cut - last year, I was living in Beijing and developed a bit of a Tony and Guy habit. They left me with Disney Princess silky smooth flowing locks every single time, but the next day it would always look like a bag of crap in comparison, because I can't style it myself. We called it the "Tony and Guy comedown". It's a little what going cold-turkey from crack probably feels like. Whereas Sarah just does a great cut that I can just leave (although she does beg me to brush it, occasionally), and it will just continue to look the same.

Anyway, she informs me that this is what a proper blunt fringe should look like, as opposed to the abysmal hack-job I've been doing myself, usually after consuming a bit too much wine and deciding it needs a tidy-up, all term at university:

Also, I bought this Wendy Mink ring from the website Cocosa a while back, but I just got it back from the jewellers after having the size altered. I adore it. I think it will be perfect for adding a little something to my duller, every day outfits, and for making myself look like a crazy magpie lady when worn with lots and lots of other rings. And it will double up as a pretty effective knuckle-duster. Bargain...

I'm toying with the idea of tweeting... Not for personal reasons, I don't actually think I have any friends that do it, but as an extension of the blogging thing, it sounds quite useful... I am, however, instantly suspicious of anything that I don't understand, so I was wondering if anyone had any useful links or have posted about how to use Twitter? Do any of you tweet? Care to explain it to me?

I'd be very, very grateful for any help...



  1. I love your hair - it definitely suits you! I tweet and I was really confused by it at first too, though I had friends who used it and explained it to me. I find it quite hard to explain myself, but it's quite simple once you get it and might be worth googling 'how to tweet'. Not sure, but sometimes that helps xx

  2. I hate that too - leaving the hairdressers looking good then the next morning, looking shit lol!

    I only starting tweeting a few weeks ago and was utterly confused. My advice would be to just take it slow and get used to it. You'll get the hang of it soon enough. Though don't expect every tweet you make to be commented on, it's pretty much a place where you just share your thoughts. That's what I've noticed anyway!

  3. I LOVE your hair! It's amazing, and it suits you so much, you look so pretty!
    I'd really, really love this hairstyle, I just have the wrong face shape!
    I tweet and I find that it's really good to get your blog out there, and meet other bloggers! If you do start a twitter, talk to me! Mine's @charlottemurray
    Love Charlestown xoxo.

  4. This is such a cute cut, I always love how a blunt fringe looks on my hair when its tied back, but never like it when my hair is down.. so you're lucky it suits you both ways!

    Twitter is fuuun, its definitely a good extension of blogging and you can do it on your phone.. its basically like updating your facebook status, and you can follow the updates of all your favourite celebs.. a bit like stalking from your favourite comfy chair xx

  5. love your haircut!
    hmm tweeting is basically just like facebook 'status updates'. that's the only function it has. I stopped using it because it's just another online addiction haha!

    i really like your blog btw, now following :)

    follow back?

  6. Love your hair! You pull off the bangs so nicely :)

  7. I love love love your hair its so pretty.. I wish I suited a full on fringe!

    And twitter is quite useful for blogging actually, If you post a link to it on your blog people who read your blog will most probably follow you. Its useful for updating people when you have a new post. :)

    Hope that was of some(?) help haha!

    Love sophie :) xx

  8. Haha I had my hair cut the other day and my hairdresser laughed at my hack job of a fringe to! I much prefer my straight properly cut by someone who knows what they're doing one! Lovely blog, I'm following.

    Oh and in regards to twitter...I've been using it for about a year now and am only just getting the hang of it!

  9. Thank you girlies! I think I'm going to start after Christmas, so if you fancy leaving your name things, I'll follow y'all. And thanks for your lovely comments about my haircut too!

    Mona x

  10. you are too cute, love your hair.


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