Thursday, 1 December 2011

I'm elated, fellow bloggers. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year. After weeks of restraining myself, it is finally December, and that means fairy lights, wearing Fair Isle knits, and dancing around my bedroom to All I Want for Christmas Is You (the Olivia Olson version, obvs).  Even Pigwidgeon, the owl on my header, has donned something festive. He does, it must be said, accessorise like a boss.

As promised, here is the recipe for the truffles I made a few days ago. These are fantastic in the run up for Christmas, as they are delicious, simple-to-make, and when wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon, make great gifts. 

The recipe is taken from the book Heavenly Chocolate by Linda Collister


200 ml double cream
300g plain chocolate, finely chopped
250 white chocolate


Gently bring the cream to the boil, and then allow to cool for one minute. Pour the cream over the plain chocolate in a heatproof bowl, and stir until smooth. Allow to cool.

When mixture is cold but not set, beat vigorously with a wooden spoon until it is much lighter in colour, and firm (note: this took quite a long time. It's a brilliant work-out for your bingo-wings). Using two teaspoons, make mixture into balls and place onto a tray covered in greaseproof paper. Chill in fridge until the balls are very solid. These will be your truffle centres. 

I promise they get more aesthetically pleasing.

When the centres are solid, melt your white chocolate. To do this, put some boiling water in a pan, and place the chocolate over pan in a heatproof bowl. Stir gently.

Leftovers best served with strawberries. Om nom nom. 
Using two forks, coat the centres in the white chocolate and replace on tray until the chocolate sets. I left mine over night.

And here is a picture of the finished article: 

Oh, foodporn. You make me happy. 

While I have you here, I'd like to introduce a little friend of mine... Lovely bloggers, say hello to Bella.

I'm in love. If anyone notices the vulgar drawing in the background, I can only apologise and say that my flatmate's boyfriend is seriously mature. Not.

Also, I'd just like to say that my Lindt advent calender is making me very happy... I got a chocolate reindeer today. Tonight I'm heading to the German Market with some friends - I feel an encore of the belgian chocolate muffin coming on - and then hitting the outdoor skating rink in Spinningfields.

I'll post pictures of my bruises tomorrow. 



  1. Cute post - those truffles look really yum :) Sorry this might be a dumb question, but what animal is Bella? She looks so adorable and fluffy!

  2. Thank you! Bella is a baby rabbit, she's staying with us for a few weeks.
    Mona x

  3. The truffles look delish! lovely blog :)

  4. These look delicious!!!!

    And Bella is gorgeous. I would love to say hello :-) how fluffy is sheeee?

    I hope you have a lovely evening, Good luck with the ice skating!


  5. I really like your blog , I think that it is really good , I tried making the truffles and they came out really nice. (thanks) anyway I think that you are really talented
    Please take a look at my blog

  6. Thank you all so much for visiting and commenting - And yes, Bella is gorgeous, she's slowly winning over my flatmates... I have no bruises to speak of, ice-skating was a great success!
    Addie - I'm really glad the recipe worked for you! And I'll definitely check out your blog.

    Mona x

  7. You have such a cute blog, i'm so glad i came across it. and these truffles look amazing, i might just make them this weekend!
    I'm now following, hope you can follow back?

  8. they look delicious. They are gluten-free, right? :)

  9. Thank you all for visiting! Lucy, I loved your blog and I'm following... Rita, they are indeed gluten free, they're literally just chocolate and cream.

    Mona x

  10. You were right...these do look amazing! Not sure I'd be a dab hand at using two spoons to shape them but I'd love to try.

    Laura x

  11. Awwww I really want a rabbit, sooo cute!! These look lurvly!! I want to make them HA xxx



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Mona x

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